A few questions..

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A few questions..

Postby Brave Sir Thalus » Thu May 08, 2008 7:09 pm

I'm just past the stage of newbie tank (tanked my first Prince (one-shot) and Nighebane yesterday) and I owe most of what I know to this site. I've got a few random questions though, and I was hoping you'd be able to help me out

First things first - my Armoury. Not got the official link, sorry, it doesn't load on my PC, but that should still show you what you need to know..

Firstly, a couple of Badger related questions. I've been looking at the upgrades and trying to prioritise which to get (with a bit of help from the Pick Order Blog that I found on here.) There are three items on there that I'd like some advice with, from people smarter than me ;)

My first question was about the Faceguard of Determination. It gets a pretty bad press on the Blog and from the Raid Progression, but unless my Maths is wrong (which it probably is) it gives me about 4.4% avoidance and 300 HP - and the Helm I'm using now (Greathelm of the Unbreakable) is one of the ones described as best for Raid Tanking in the pre-Kara guide. Why does the Faceguard come so un-recommended?

Another badge question, this time the Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx. At the moment I'm using Thadell's Bracers, which seem to be the weak link in my gear. I've been looking at the Badge Bracers and the Bracers of the Green Fortress, but neither of them particularly stand out as super-dooper improvemenets. In your experiences, how long were you using those items, especially the Green Fortress? I can't decide if they're worth it..

About the Petrified Lichen Guard - would it be silly to use that in 5-mans/Heroics to get a bit more threat? I can't help thinking it might just be a surefire way to get dead fast, and I don't want to try it out and wipe the party, making myself look like an idiot..

And final question (for now, at least!) I just hit uncrushable, with 16057 HP and 15335 Armor with Kings. With that, I have 512 Defence, which is obviously a bit over the Uncrittable point. Do you guys try to keep your Defence at ~490, or do you go higher?
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At least face guard made consider list

Postby ldeboer » Thu May 08, 2008 8:41 pm

Got the face guard love it for same reason as you lots of avoidance (edit: but not pure )

I agree with the top 4 (after my legs next) from there gets messy for me

And the one I found weird was the Iron Tusk Girdle its the same as girdle of protector with a bit more dodge and def minus spell dmg and same badge cost. Think thats a personal thing about how much spell damage you got stacked on weapon and gear versus a bit extra health and avoidance and I think the 3 belts mentioned all rate the same.

Yeah I still have trouble rating chestguard of the stoic guardian as 5 must have there are so many good chests around. If you have something like panza on what do you really gain a bit of pure avoidance think it would be low on your shop list. I still got my cruddy ancient bulwark on but it has more armour and equivalent stam but absolutely no avoidance or def and I find it hard to make it a priority.

I much prefer the maintankadin list because yes depending on what gear has dropped for you the priority for you may be diff.

It also leaves out the one gear piece that vexxes me gloves I seem doomed to wear felsteel ones for life.
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Postby Paine » Thu May 08, 2008 9:15 pm

Faceguard gets a bad rep because it has block rating on it, which gets pushed off the list once you're pass uncrushable...basically it becomes a wasted stat at that point. Still, despite knowing that it will be replaced at some point, I snagged that pretty early on so that I can replace one of my def/block rating (I had the same two you have) trinkets with a stamina trinket.

I never got the Green Fortress bracers myself (I used Bracers of Dignity and Vambraces of Courage) but I am currently using the Ancient Phalanx. I expect it to last me a while because expertise is second for threat building and this thing has a good amount of stamina.

Far as Petried Lichen Guard goes...I've checked out the extra damage I've done with them with shield spikes using Recount and it's really nothing to write home about. It's white damage which doesn't get multiplied by Righteous Fury. If you're looking for extra threat, go for the SS shield with spell damage. I sometimes swap in my healing shield for mp5 + spelldamage for 5-mans.

I wouldn't sweat too much with being over 490 defense because defense does get translated to pure avoidance, so it's not like you lose the stats (unlike block rating). However, if that defense slot can be put to better use, like in your case, swapping out a defense trinket for stamina or pocket watch, you should definitely consider.
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