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Postby PedroTacowalker » Fri May 02, 2008 2:15 pm

So I noticed there is very little info on this fight on the site. So here is my guild's trick or method with a paladin tanking, I hope it helps.

Phase 1: We always bring a priest to this fight, especially since we needed one at least for Hex Lord. Standard tank and spank except have a mark on the priest and have everyone stand on top of him for the fight. Keep this mark up, because there is only 2 phases where you need to spread out. The debuff is like the SP one, if you are a dwarf, StoneForm FTW, otherwise heal to full to remove it.

Phase 2: Aggro doesn't reset till he actually changes forms, so wait for it. Throw AW and get a big lead in threat if you can. This phase the damage is deep but not wide. Healers get ready to help the tank. Do not use your lucky Pocket watch cuz dodges cause overthrow which does more dmg in the end. If you have the AAA trinket, is it very helpful here. Everyone stands on priest again for the mass-dispell of the stun/dmg debuff he does. Get it off the tank 1st then the group.

Phase 3: Aggro does not reset for this phase so throw all your big DoT's just as the 2nd phase is ending. We assign positions for everyone to spread out, call out who we are healing so we don't waste mana. Only big heals, all spells and even shouts cause 1250 dmg to you. Casters wand the whole phase, Melee needs to go to town on dmg. As a tank, I step back, heal, and avoid the cyclones. You can also bubble and throw out flash heals and not take dmg. I try to keep JoW up on the boss for the casters and hunters.

Phase 4: Everyone needs to group up again for this fight as CoH or chain heals are very important. When he leaves you to do his rapid attack on random players, there is nothing you can do to get him back, don't waste a taunt. Hunters can feign, mages iceblock, and paladins bubble, except you of course. Have a rotation for BoP on clothies, this will make him come back faster. Group heals for his run-around attack are very helpful, and for some reason, staying in a tight group seems to make it more mellow.

Phase 5: switch to you Fire resist aura, throw wings and get a big threat lead. This part is a DPS race. Keep careful watch for the flame columns, they kinda look like a priest's holy fire, and they hit hard, yell out to those who are in it and not moving. Keep spread out to help reduce flame breath dmg. For my guild if everyone or even 8 or us are alive for this phase we can always take him down. Death will soon follow for Zuljin and you get music and fireworks for your efforts.

Besides all the little details the big ones to know are:

He resets aggro each phase, so Paladins are very helpful for fast threat, except between phase 2 ---> 3 there is no aggro table so keep up DoTs and dmg.

Group up for phases 1,2,4, spread out for 3 and 5.

Good luck all.
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Postby Seloei » Fri May 02, 2008 11:44 pm

If your dps/healers are too trigger happy and dont stop during phase swaps, they may die. If they still wont stop doing what they are, then its up to you to time the shield/judge as soon as he swaps out.
As a pala, it is very easy to let the dps go all out even during phase swaps if you can time it.
Every phase swap you have about ~1s after he says X word to toss the shield so he doesnt even move and sticks to you like glue. For me those "cue" words are these:

Like my bruddah bear
My friends Fang and Claw
in the sky to see the dragon hawk

at sometime during that word i prime the shield and judge him as soon as he is in his form. The shield lands at around ~0.5s after he has changed and agro has reset so he sticks to me.

also, at the start of the fight we usually mark all the healers so that everyone can see where they are and that they dont all go to the same corner and during eagle phase i just stand back and swap in a heal mace/shield and toss a few big heals while keeping myself at atleast 90%
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