Avg's DPS# for HLM?

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Postby Snake-Aes » Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:53 pm

All his abilities are and should be coutnerable.
Break totems
Dispel dots
stay away from consecration
don't melee with thorns
get awway from whirlwind
dispel poisons
Interrupt ALL heals
Dispel ALL HoTs

Don't be afraid to rely on sheeps and shackles, they're very easy to re-apply, and if a dpser or healer can't bother with 1 gcd, he's doing something very very wrong. If you can get everyone to react quickly to his soul siphon habillity, it really shouldn't be an issue. The adds part is identical to Moroes'.
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Postby Seloei » Thu Apr 17, 2008 12:18 am

HLM is more of a "luck" than skill fight usually, you may get the worst combo of stolen abilities or the best one. Unless it's a progression fight it might get rough. The first kill we had (fresh from kara/badges) took i think 11 minutes due to having to kite 3 paladin's in a row.

It's more about survival than outright nukage when you start him. As long as you can keep up the mana you can keep up the fight forever. (2 resto shammies with tides/pots can go for ages if decently geared)

Nowadays, think we run at only 4.5-5k raid dps, and can clear the place fine and get atleast 2 boxes, 3 if the war doesn't get squished on jan
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Postby Ariashley » Fri May 02, 2008 12:02 pm

MJavert wrote:I had my 2 mages up in the 800-900 range...the lock in the 750's and then a rogue in the 550's and a spriest in the low 500's but he was dealing with the shackle so it obviously hit his overall dps...I don't know what happened, by all means we should have done better than an OOM death at 50%. *shrug* I can't get my head around it unless I'm just not taking enough DPS.


It's the DPS. Srsly, a rogue with 550 dps better be in full shadow resist gear or gtfo of ZA. I would expect that sort of DPS from a rogue running heroics to get badge gear.

We had trouble getting through the damage on that dude the first time and had 1 tank, 3 healers, 6 dps with all 6 dps pumping out 700-1200. Took us about 5+ attempts for the healers to workout how to keep people alive and dps to figure out how to keep up their cc. If you have only 5 DPS who aren't meeting a minumum of 700, I have no idea how you would kill him before dying unless your healers were all in full T6 with amazing mana pools. In what world does a lock get out DPSed by a mage? If I'm wearing my full shadow resist set (on on my rogue) I still have about 650 dps on that fight and our lock raid leader comes in around 1200 w/o resist and about 950 with it. Lately, we've had everyone wearing shadow resist and killed all the adds because the shadow resist makes that fight retardedly easy, just takes maybe a minute or 2 longer.

The fight is also a major retard check, because melee SHOULD notice when hex lord is consecrating (and get out of it) or when he's got thorns and you're killing yourself or whatever other classes he picks up. I will admit that if you have a paladin tanking him, the consecrate is a lot harder to notice right away.

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Postby Seloei » Fri May 02, 2008 11:59 pm

If your killing all 4 adds then by the time the melee dps finally joins you you should have a hefty lead and consecrating after bolts is not needed. Bigwigs calls out what form he stole so if its pala/war, i order all melee out because it is unneeded extra damage intake since a few of em are too slow on noticing self damage taken.

This fight is all about survival, not about dps race. But if you have major slow dps this will be not possible. Also, we prefer to kill all adds except the one which gets banished (i step out and let the war tank hlm, since a bit of extra healing is good here) since quite often we dont have enough cc classes there.
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