"What is your view of pala single target tanking?"

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Postby Avias » Thu May 01, 2008 8:24 pm

Converse wrote:I see myself as inferior to a equally geared and Skilled Warrior in "most" situations.

For example pardon the few boss's (Leo for example) the warrior TPS in my guild far exceeds mine when it comes to Boss tanking.

With my stam/block gear I hold about 900-1000 TPS and it does have drops to 600 if i have chain Miss/Dodge/Parry.

In my spell dmg gear I would hold 1000-1100 TPS with drops to 700.

Warriors in my guild have a "sustained" 1500 TPS with spikes to 2k and no noticable drops.

Yes there are many variations out there, different boss's, demons non demons, fast boss, slow boss's.

Im not saying my tanking tps is a problem for my guilds DPS nor has it ever been brought up as an issue. But at the end of the day, with "equal" skill and gear a Warrior should out TPS even the most skilled and geared paladin tank on single targets.

And people talk burst threat from Paladins as a big thing, its not really. "Good" warriors with large BV will open with a SL and start applying devastates very quickly easy hitting 10k within seconds. And fast surpassing a paladins tanks opening TPS within a short space of time. Remember im talking Skill and Gear.

Well thats how I feel about single target tanking vs my warriors in my guild and current experience in BT/Mh

Now If you wanna talk 2 or more targets, now thats a totally different story :D

I agree with this. The reason you don't see so many spikes from warriors is because they stack hit and expertise. Those 2 stats have pushed warrior TPS to new heights. I know that on my warrior, I can sustain higher TPS then my paladin. Warrior is in mostly blues, paladin in mostly epics.

I really like tanking as a warrior as well.
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Postby Tellysaren » Mon May 05, 2008 9:29 am

I agree with Texaporte, the majority of time im tanking, Im staring at the see through shot of my helm and the boss's crotch :D
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Postby Ajax » Fri May 09, 2008 2:21 am

i see myself as a main tank, simple as simple atm with my guild i get to MT about 90% of all fights and getting picked over warriors and druids at times.
Reason being I have put the effort into being a maintank our druids and warriors atm only tend to play part time while i am at every raid the guild pays back for effort put in and now i am the tank of choice. For a guild that 8 months ago didn't even want a prot pally i am as proud as hell of now being their goto tank and shows that if you really want you can be the MT even with warriors and druids fighting for the role. :twisted:
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