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Al'ar, dont drop down for AoE in P1?

A'lar, Void Reaver, Solarian, Kael'thas

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Al'ar, dont drop down for AoE in P1?

Postby Rustyblade » Thu Apr 24, 2008 6:49 pm

So I have only done the fight with my warlock but on P1 when I was watching the tanks jump down when al'ar is in the middle of the room doing his AoE on ledges I counted while he did it and he only does it for 10 seconds then goes back to platform 1 or 4(or 5 if there are 5).

Has any paladin tank tried to just bubble during this and stand there being in position for the next time he flys down?

I don't have a problem buying swiftness pots but anything to help cut expenses even if its one less pot would help.

I am curious as to if this would work as well...

Anyone try this?
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Postby Salamandra » Mon May 12, 2008 5:49 pm

You really don't need to bubble or use swiftness potions, just jump off towards the ramp as soon as you notice him moving towards the middle (higher than normal for a 4>1 transition) rather than towards the middle of the room, and try to cut a little off by jumping over corner of the ramp.

Never tried it, but I suspect bubbling would work.
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