The Offtank/Ofhealer spec

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The Offtank/Ofhealer spec

Postby Sharlos » Tue Apr 17, 2007 8:01 pm

Ok, the prot pally i am in the process of leveling up ATM will eventually be a off-tank/maintank build. Probably offtanking most things unless a paladin would be better for tanking it. Unless i decide to go for a main tank job in my guild.

Here is the spec i'm planing on using on my way to 70, getting Imp SoR (changed in the patch notes) in Holy and then working towards Holy Shield, then going back up holy for illumination and Purifying Power.

Here is a link

I was mostly going for a high threat build (as threat is more important in 5mans) while still giving me an alternative role if needed. I picked up Imp. LoH for a pusedo Last stand (the armour bonus is nice) and left 2 points spare for the Imp. Holy Shield that is coming.

Once i think i have satisfactory gear, i plan on going for something like this unless i get too attached to the previous spec.

But the more i think about it, the mre i like the First spec, as i will still be reguarly playing my holy pally, do you all think the first spec is sufficient for an off tank?[/url]
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Postby Lore » Wed Apr 18, 2007 6:58 am

For a healer/offtank hybrid spec, I liked this:

If you're just tanking every so often you should be fine. The only issue is off-tanking on bosses, Redoubt will be your only method of bumping your avoidance up to 102.4% to push crushes off. I haven't run into much level 73 trash yet though, especially not in a situation where you'd want a non-prot tank, so that won't be an issue most of the time.

The thing about the prot tree is there aren't that many "mid" talents that are worth getting if you're not going all the way down. That makes a deep holy build with just enough points in prot to get the early stuff fairly viable.
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Postby Baelor » Wed Apr 18, 2007 9:09 am

I might not stay specced as I am if the Illumination changes (and not having Light's Grace and the crit talents) limit my ability to fill a healer role in heroics. However, the spec I currently have is excellent for primarily tanking instances and some bosses as well as healing when not tanking.
I'm not uncrushable yet, as I don't have the correct gear to push my avoidance high enough or the 5% parry from Retribution, and I'm not "teh ubar heels!" since I lack Light's Grace and Holy Power/Sanctified Light. However, I have all the mitigative talents in protection and have successfully tanked all regular 5 mans in Outland, several heroics, Midnight and Moroes in Karazhan, and have main healed all of those as well (plus all bosses up to Aran in Karazhan). If you want to do more tanking than healing, this is a good spec. If you're looking to min/max, it might not work.
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