Healing as threat & healing as mitigation.

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Healing as threat & healing as mitigation.

Postby Sanguinelaw » Fri Jul 20, 2007 7:22 pm

I have heard it thrown around that paladin heals cause no threat. I am still focused on leveling and haven't had time to test this myself. Is this true?

Also, has anyone given it a serious go of healing as mitigation with 10 points of holy for uninterruptable healing and battlemaster enchant, and maybe things like the darkmoon faire card that heals you and what have you while being a prot spec? Currently I'm thinking about 10/41/10 for this. I realize we lose a lot of threat through loss of spelldamage enchant though so I'm sure this approach is inferior, just wondering by how badly.

No one seems to talk about self healing in these forums, is the loss of weapon precision & expertise really crippling you versus throwing on conc aura and holy light every once in a while during a serious tanking? Just seems like we would gain a ton of mitigation this way using our main strength right now. Or is it just not possible in a serious tanking situation?

I would like to hear your results if you are trying these things. I am currently 51 and am just deciding on how I will be gearing myself etc. at this point.

Thanks for any replies & great forum!

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Postby Lore » Fri Jul 20, 2007 7:43 pm

Paladin heals cause very little threat, half the amount of threat as other classes (without talents).

The bigger problem with self-healing isn't so much that it's threat inefficient, it's primarily that you can't dodge, block, or parry while casting. So not only do you lose out on those possibilities, but you open yourself up to crushing blows as well. That leaves a very high chance that you'll end up taking more extra damage than you heal for.
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Postby Vanifae » Fri Jul 20, 2007 9:10 pm

Self Healing is retarded, it looks good on paper but falls apart.

It is not good for building threat either.
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Postby Phaex » Fri Jul 20, 2007 9:21 pm

You can use heals from time to time to pick up a ton of mobs coming from different spots quickly. Best example is on tidewalker or solarian. But most of the time its like the worst idea ever trying to pull agro by healing, yeah.

Sidenote: overhealing causes no threat at all, and trying to heal yourself while tanking is pathetic, you are eating far too much damage doing this. Casting blocks every kind of avoidance down to zero.
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Postby Joanadark » Fri Jul 20, 2007 10:15 pm

You cannot Parry while casting a spell with a casting time, such as a heal.

You cannot Block while casting a spell with a casting time, such as a heal.

1 damage is set to 1 threat. 2 healing is 1 threat.
Overhealing causes no threat, only effective healing.

The threat of a heal will be split between all the mobs aware of the Healer. The exact formula is not yet known, but it is more than the Threat/number of mobs. So if a tank holds 5 mobs and receives a heal, the threat on each mob will be less than Threat = (0.5 heal)/5. Current speculation is Threat = (0.5 heal)/(num of mobs x 2)

Paladins enjoy a passive reduction in the threat caused by their healing spells. Heals cast by a Paladin cause HALF the threat that would normally be generated by a heal of that size.

It is extremely difficult to wear Healing gear and Tanking gear at the same time.
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Postby Maulininis » Sat Jul 21, 2007 1:37 am

If you live in Australia and enjoy a latency on average of 350-500ms, you can often dodge, block, or parry, and even melee if you time your flash of lights in.
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Postby Buttertoast » Sat Jul 21, 2007 2:53 am

i often throw holy lights at myself while tanking trivial content, when "pulling more" is not an option.
but when tanking seriously? it's not even a consideration.
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Postby Donjuan » Sun Jul 22, 2007 10:14 am

I have spiritual focus, and i have to say its great for pvp and soloing stuff. I can solo ramparts now, due to that talent, and i can survive alot more aggro in places like netherstorm etc, as i can heal while taking damage. However in dungeons i never do it unless the healer is crap, or dead, and tb h that talent has never "saved the day" for me in any level 70 dungeon, but it has coutless time sin lower level dungeons (I usually two or three man lower level dungeons and solo ramparts) . I know i will have to go the more proven 49/12 one day but at the moment i have far too much fun with that talent. SO my advice, if you are serious about becoming a main tank, dont get it, but if you are still farming a,d soloing then get that talent its great stuff.
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Postby Candiru » Mon Jul 23, 2007 8:52 am

Just use figurine of the collosus. I can heal 10k+health in one use of that while farming deamon hunter supplicants / low level dungeons.

Regenerating a ton of health also causes a ton of agro, the best of both worlds :)

(and it doesn't cost you any mana)
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