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Macro and a question

Postby Tats » Sat Jul 21, 2007 3:21 pm

so, ive recently delved into the realm of paladin tanking, and since then have read virtually every article, post, and debate regarding paladin tanking. i have played a warrior to 70 and tanked my fair share, but i wanted something with more utility ;P im only 50 right now, but ive been getting my practice in Wink

i made an all in one macro for general instancing (for anyone that is interested):

/castsequence [modifier:ctrl] reset=30 Seal of Wisdom, Judgement, Seal of Wisdom
/castsequence [modifier:alt] reset=30 Seal of Light, Judgement, Seal of Light
/castsequence reset=15 Seal of Righteousness, Judgement, Seal of Righteousness

my question is, when you use wisdom/light, are you generally going to judge it then recast righteousness to keep agg up, or are you relying on the rest of our agg generation to keep it up. i know this is highly situational because things constantly change, but for the average pull, what is recommended?

thanks Wink
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Postby Tats » Sun Jul 22, 2007 4:47 pm

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Postby Perfidious » Sun Jul 22, 2007 7:23 pm

I've only done 5-mans so far so I'm hardly an expert, but when tanking groups I find that after one judge of righteousness and a consecration I have enough aggro to turn a mob (whichever has the highest hp) into a mana battery by judging wisdom on it and keeping seal of wisdom up. This way I often have more than enough mana for the next pull even after keeping holy shield and consecration active.

Against bosses I only ever judge wisdom (usually after the first judgment of righteousness) and it's always enough to judge righteousness whenever it cools, cast more than enough consecrations, and keep holy shield up.

I never use seal/judgment of light unless my healer is running low on mana, but I consider that the result of a badly judged pull anyway.
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Postby Ills » Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:41 am

Depends on the situation. :)

On bosses, I generally judge Wisdom then Righteousness after that. On AoE pulls (like SH), I judge/seal wisdom while spamming Holy Shield and Consecration.
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Postby Jaydin » Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:58 am

in general you want your opening seal -> judgement to be righteousness - it puts on a bit more threat on your primary target, or allows you to snag that mob that your shield missed.

After that, it totally depends on the situation.

AOE groups - pop on SoW and judge it on the target with the most health - whack away with SoW/JoW and on a good aoe pull you should finish with a lot of mp

groups of 2 or so, usually judge wisdom after judgement cd is up, keeping up righteous the rest of the time, rinse repeat with the 2nd mob, altho if you feel comfortable just pop on JoW and whack away with SoW

single mobs it totally depends on how far ahead you're staying on threat - they gettin close to you? pop on JotC. you staying pretty well ahead? not hitting you too hard? JoW it up

I'd almost never judge light - i tend to be the only pally...if theres another thats not tanking, he/she can judge it. Its more beneficial to me to have JoW so i have mana to control the situation. if im *not* tanking (ive dps'd as holy before) i'll judge light if theres a crapload of melee dps, but still it hurts *my* dps/backup healing as i'll be missing that mana return.

for heroics i almost exclusively use JotC as mobs hit hard enough to require enough healing to replenish your expenditures

JotC on hard hitters (heroics, bosses) or if your dps is really kickin it
JoW on most trash
JoL only if JoW is already up, lots and lots of melee dps
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