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Postby Lookit » Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:58 am

Bhrimstone wrote:This is an old thread, but instead of creating a new thread for a tactic that I tried, I just figured i'd bust out the old search tool.

When pulling her, I really hate that they stand just far enough apart for the shield to be single target. Well when we had no CC, I realized i'd have to AOE tank all 3 of them, no problem right?

Then I had a clever idea (clever to me, anyway). I told the group, do nothing till I say go, I divine shielded, then body pulled the group in to position, once the gathered on me I fired a point-blank AS, dropped a cons. fired up Holy Shield then dropped the bubble.

DPS followed the elemental kill order, they were able to start right away - and I just kited the 3 around when needed to avoid clouds.

This really trivialized what used to be a tricky pull for me when no CC was available, I got several compliments on how it was handled after the fact.

Wow, what an awesome trick for multimob pulls.

I'll use that all the time. The first thing that comes to mind is the three packs of little fleshbeasts in Laj's room in Bot. With that trick, running into the center of the room and pulling all three groups will be cake, allowing both the healer and the AoE dps to go full bore the moment my bubble fades.

Thanks for sharing that nifty trick!
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