Kael is insanely hard

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Postby Zeels » Sun Apr 06, 2008 6:00 am

Yep noticed it just now, when doing mgt today. No resists in combatlog.
Have to cred my healer keeping me up :)

Khayne wrote:
Worldie wrote:I strongly discourage using FR on Kael, it's almost useless since you don't look like being able to resist fireballs.


use the fire res. aura still though, as fire res. does seem to affect phoenixes damage output and there´s no other aura that´d help your group more.

and on 3rd boss i see the hardness as directly related to "how many of the warrior and 2 rogues and shaman are there"

engineer and hunter can be feared by us or as i often have a lock, lock can banish that one and fear a 2nd mob.

mage casts blizzard that hits no one alot.
warlock damage is lower than the melees in there and dont do as nasty spell pushback/interrupts/MS.

while warrior MS´s (and intercepts around doing lots of damage), rogues interrupt alot and rip clothies apart, and having another healer in there which also drops WF for those melees aint fun either.
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