Prince is BUGGED

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Prince is BUGGED

Postby Malron » Thu Jul 19, 2007 8:44 pm

Everyonce in a while when we do prince and i am tanking i get enfeebled, usually around the transition from phase one into phase two. According to every GM i have spoken to this is working as intended and i am supposed to get hit by enfeeble? (i know this is wrong, just showing how dumb the GM's are).

ANYWAY, the reason for this post is... i was wondering if any of you had similar problems on this encounter, it doesnt happened every time, in fact it rarely happens, (20 weeks, happened maybe 3 or 4 times total, happened tonight so the problem is still in effect).

Thanks =)
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Postby Pulire » Thu Jul 19, 2007 8:55 pm

Enfeeble can hit anyone that not #1 on threat, now, you can still have aggro and not have top threat. Ranged dps/heals pull aggro at 130% threat of the current holder, while melee pull at 110% of the current holder.
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Postby Malron » Thu Jul 19, 2007 9:06 pm

that wasnt an issue, nor will it ever be. My guild is known for poor DPS (which is sad =( ), and we all had KTM running and i was 90,000 points higher than the 2nd person on the list. This wasnt a threat problem.
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Postby Scoria » Thu Jul 19, 2007 10:16 pm

had the same happen once as i was moving him due to a nearby infernal, i guessed it was down to clipping into the wall and possably being untargetable for an instant as i was backing towards the raid angled into the wall at 45 degrees...pure guess and yes all on ktm and a huge argo lead, wham..enfeabled...10% wipe.
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Postby Kvaern » Thu Jul 19, 2007 11:54 pm

Happened to me once as well.
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Postby Thels » Fri Jul 20, 2007 4:38 am

Hasn't happened to me before, but I don't tank him very often, as we usually have a Prot Warrior along as well.
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Postby Questioner » Fri Jul 20, 2007 6:47 am

It happened to us once as well. The poor warlock got blamed, but I was watching the threat, and he wasn't ahead.

(Yes, it happened with 2 seconds of hitting phase 2)
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Postby Mortehl » Fri Jul 20, 2007 6:58 am

This only happens when you wall clip.

A couple weeks ago, shortly after we began speed running Kara (WTB Heroic mode), I decided to test this, during the phase transition when he switches to axes, if you wall clip him (have him at an angle where part of his body is inside a wall), there's about a half a second where he loses his aggro table. Omen/KTM do not register this obviously, so its possible for you to take an enfeeble.

The only surefire way to avoid this, is to always tank Prince so his body is not hitting a wall. IE your back directly parallel to the wall.
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Postby Sabindeus » Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:20 am

this has happened to me as well
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Postby Garstone » Thu Jul 26, 2007 12:27 pm

happened to me as well on our last prince attempt on monday
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