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hex lord bug?

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hex lord bug?

Postby Ordrastus » Tue Apr 01, 2008 1:20 pm

Last night I went into ZA with a well geared pug. Everything went great got 2 timed chests and 1 shot the 1st 4 bosses. Then we get to hex lord with me as MT.

The 1st attempt was kinda sloppy on the adds and getting them down, so during one of the spirit bolt phases i bubbled to help out the healers then removed it right before the end of them. Well Hex lord then said "F you im going to kill your healers" and i couldnt do anything to get aggro back so we wiped.

Next attempt adds went better so when the dps started on Hex lord i blew my wings and as soon as they where up he runs off and kills my dps then my healers and once again i couldnt do anything to get aggro back.

On the 3rd try i didnt pop wings or bubble and we got him down.

So im thinking there is a bug thats causing him to ignore someone with forbarence. Anything like this happening to anyone else? ... =Ordrastus
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Postby Sayka » Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:26 am

Yeah, exactly the same thing has happened to me twice during a total of 6 tries.
As if all threat i had generated on him was gone. Nobody could explain it.

I can't remember if I had forbearence then...I'll check the next time
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