How much +Spell Damage to tank Kharazan?

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How much +Spell Damage to tank Kharazan?

Postby Rideme » Sat Mar 10, 2007 6:06 pm

Hi there, first off I have to say this has been the most informative source for paladin tanking I've come across by a long shot.

After reading the section about "The Magic 60%" needed from parry/dodge/block to achieve virtually uncrittable and uncrushable status, I'm worried I'm nerfing my spell damage too hard and seem to be losing aggro a fair bit on trash. I'm contemplating keeping some pieces of gear with more spell damage for trash and a gear set with all-out mitigation for bosses. Dunno if this link will work, but I'm Rideme from the Skywall server if u wanna check out my gear. ... l&n=Rideme

I have the mats for +40 spell damage to a 1h weapon (just waiting for a guildie to get back from moving to enchant it... nobody else in guild has it atm). Just curious what you think a minimum target to aim for in terms of +spell damage to tank kharazan is. I could farm shoulders of the righteous for more spell damage or use more gems for +spell damage but I'm trying to get up to "the magic 60" by maxing out dodge atm, because I know I'll easily acquire the defense rating via a few gear upgrades listed below.

In the next few days i hope to acquire the timewarden's leggings as I get my KoT rep up. As well I'm gonna use the plate belt from completing my Arcatraz key and farm the cape from Steamvaults (which is so easy... but the drop rate has been absolutely horrible for this cape, been there about 20 times and lost the roll once already). I had the blue bracers from completing the Shadow Labs quest but vendored them for my current ones but didn't know they were about to get hit with a big nerf stick in the last patch!

Anyways, any ideas about spell damage minimums for kharazan and ideas for tweaking my gear other than the obvious ones (ie. enchants and glyphs but i'm short on rep and gold atm :( ) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much :)
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Postby Lorath » Sun Mar 11, 2007 5:32 am

If you enchant the Mana Wrath with +40 spell dam, you can prob stop actively searching for more - you will have 166 on the weapon alone, more is always good of c but with that as a base, I think you'll do very well.
Seems to me like the general consensus seem to be around 200ish for good tanking. The raid will in any case need to understand a little about how paladins tank so the best raiding tool we have is knowledge... :)
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Postby Aergis » Sun Mar 11, 2007 7:36 pm

Think I'm at 170 or so, haven't had any issues at all. Most everyhting in Kara is undead, so exorcism is your friend. Most of the time I'm even holding back a bit, not consecrating every time its up, etc.

For kara, keeping threat isn't an issue. Slap on a 40 spell damage encahnt to mana wrath and your all set.
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Postby Arthelin » Tue Mar 13, 2007 12:43 am

Your also forgetting about the new wizard oil, I think its 42 spell damage you can apply to a weapon. Its very cheap to make and last through death.
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Postby Bluemania » Tue Mar 20, 2007 2:42 am

Between 100 (buffed) and 250 depending on the weapon i have out. 100 is not really a problem, and i mainly use seal of light (boss fights).
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