Morogrim Earthquake

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Morogrim Earthquake

Postby Brute » Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:13 am

How much damage does this do and what type?

I saw someone say their warlock life-tapped down to 1 HP; won't the earthquake kill them if they're that low when he does it? Or did they likely mean he got himself down to about 5k and then started spamming it after the EQ? According to wowwiki it does 3-4k damage.

Also to confirm, if I stand in the center of the watery grave locations, I can start spamming HL right after EQ (like as soon as I get up off my ass) and this will generate agro on all 12? Also I'll never get graved standing there, with morogrim being tanked at the entrance of the tunnel to Karathress?

We were forced to run w/ only 1 pally tank last night instead of 2 and it didn't go so hot; mostly my fault. I'm used to running up and intercepting the murlocs with a consecrate rather than snagging them with HL agro. Also, my healers would simply not bunch up so I could stand on all of them and consecrate and get them that way, nor would they stop raid healing to make it easy on me to pick them up. WTB new healers plz.
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Postby jere » Mon Mar 17, 2008 12:48 pm

The earthquake and watery grave have a max range (50 yards I think). If he is in the FLK tunnel, and you are down by the graves waterfalls, then you will not be graved nor will the earthquake hit you. If your warlock does the same, he will not be graved or hit by earthquake.

EDIT: Take a look at the many morogrim threads we already have: ... 52&start=0 ... 51&start=0 ... 60&start=0 ... 48&start=0

EDIT2: here is a (boring) video of the process:

Watery Globules happen at around 7:30ish

Check my favorites for a video of the fight from the view of a DPS'er
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