The second boss in SL

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Postby Pizbit » Sun Mar 09, 2008 7:14 pm

NarfJones wrote:
Pizbit wrote:
Worldie wrote:Your healer probably didn't know that the damage of the sonic boom is in %, so actually the more hp you have, the more you'll be hit for.

Nah we didn't know.
...But murmur hits like a girl anyway, and with more HP even as a percentage you have more health left over with a lower HP tank. (eg 75% of 16k leaves you with 4k, 75% of 10k leaves you with 2.5k)

Plus he has epics, it was normal, as long as it was gonna leave me with a few k(which it did) we saw no reason to bother running out, lazyness ftw.

Either way, the sonic boom puts you in AD range, every time, which is way awesome.

Dunno if it's 75% I picked it out of the air. But yeah pretty much.
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Postby rodos » Sun Mar 09, 2008 9:29 pm

ThugNMeThePally wrote:You have 2 options for Murmur.

A) get Ecasting bars and escape the sonic boom EVERY time making the fight the EASIEST fight in the instance (besides the first whimp).
B) stand in the sonic boom and hope you healer notices that you need a big heal FAST.

I would go with A.

If your healer can't anticipate the boom and start casting their 2.5/3s-cast heal before it lands then you need a new healer. I consider myself one of the worst healers ever (hence why I tank) and even I have been able to pull this off with no problem (and my usual 500ms lag). Helps that Little Wigs mod pops up a huge cast bar when he starts to cast :)
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Postby Galoheart » Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:02 am

For Blackheart the Inciter he will do MC at intervals until either he himself is dead or your group is.

When I do SL I switch from tanking gear to high stamina DPS gear. Blackheart dosent really hit all that hard. I personally find tanking him in good spell DPS gear works best and having DPS go to town on him in between the MC. Also for that fight better have a few mana pots on hand also as you will or may need them. I find blowing all your cooldown before he MC saves a lot of damage you do to group. You need a good healer at least for that fight or a half alive one.

On Murmur he'll I do that fight one way ever single time without fail. When I go in on Murmur I stay there the whole time and take all the sonic booms. Right before he hits I always get healer to top me off as you know its coming before it hits. Then healer heals me back up right after. Few anyone else ever takes damage. If your healer is competent it all is a breeze. I've got much more stamina these days and it even less of a problem on Murmur.
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Postby Leviathan » Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:24 am

Last saturday i've tanked my first (normal) SL run.

1st boss was cake.. 2nd boss I was prepared to have a big encounter, one of our DPS died very quick and ran back. I was lucky to have a druid in the group who could tank him for me after each MC, after that it was quite easy to pick him up. No wipes, just 1st encounter 1st kill. Group was totally not overgeared, I would consider myself as SL ready, but we even had a lvl 68 dps with us and a normal geared healer.

Wiped 1 time on Vorpil, and 1 time on Murmur. Bloody rogue who never done murmur before just didnt ran out, and also just stood there when he was the bomb lol.. After that I explained the tactics again, and it wasn't too hard to down him.

Quite happy! Too bad no nice loot but hey I got more experience :)
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Postby Nemuria » Tue Mar 25, 2008 7:42 am

One way I found was to tell the DPS to give all before the MC, and I tried to stay close to them. Even when bounced, I kept running back in the group (totems helped there). Inciter should be already low before the 3rd MC. Then just finish him with dots and hot. It is messing up each time someone get out of range and everybody has to run behind him. He is also easier in heroics because ppl are more geared.
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My 2 copper

Postby Hammerhand » Sat May 10, 2008 11:18 pm

My two copper,
Inciter is just "one of those" fights, the MC can NOT be broken even by pvp trinket. Several ppl have suggested some great ideas but in a worst case scenario he can break any group that can't work together, I consider him a "synergy check" as I've pugged SL too many times. It's ironic but the biggest threat will be any severely over geared players (in relation to the rest of the group), also drinking a potion or bandaging sometimes grabs agro from him right away after a MC (as long as nobody does ANYTHING first). Now because it is such a confusing fight I haven't been able to check this but supposedly if everyone does nothing as soon as MC ends he agroes the first person to perform an action (although dots and such cast during MC can mess this up). I've read that he's temporarily untauntable after MC and thats been my experience unless he's been patched. So if someone gets agro after MC chase him but save your mana for 5 or so seconds THEN taunt him otherwise he'll brush it off.

Murmur is interesting because he allows you to use some tricks you probably wouldn't normally. First off if you are in the circle it's near impossible to lose agro. Because of this I tend to judge wisdom and up seal of wisdom early on so I can frontload consecrates, maxed holy shields, and even avenger shields. Second depending on your healer you will have a few options for dealing with sonic booms. I personally try to time a holy light to hit after sonic boom and stay in. If I have a priest healing I tell them to shield me - this makes sure he doesn't one shot me after the SB (Sonic Boom). If I have a druid healing me I tell em to stack up the HoTs because I know I can survive his next two or three melee attacks without a heal and the HoTs help keep me going while I'm waiting for the big heal to land. Finally if you got a paladin healer just tough it out and wait for the big heal to land, or if they are willing have them lead in with a holy shock heal. Murmur is difficult if you can't manage the SBs but otherwise he's pretty much a pushover in my experience. As for the silencing effect, like I said I didn't have any trouble holding agro on him, just up righteousness before it hits, also note while he's casting is the PERFECT time to get an avengers shield in and if your quick you can throw up holy shield too.

P.S. - turns out more like I gave my 2 gold worth lol, oh well hope you find this useful.
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Postby Seloei » Sat May 10, 2008 11:41 pm

Inciter is the most annoying fight of em all. Just keep doing what you are normally doing and keep taunting it off the dps, more or less its enough and dont wear your tank gear, wear dps or heal gear since you want to get damaged for mana back after mcs

As for murmur... why run out? The boom leaves you always at 20% or so and that is in the AD range. Pop your shield on first, health pot on second, loh on third and if he aint dead before that then you have way undergeared dps (even on heroic). Dont bother with wings since it is almost impossible to lose agro on him
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Going to let you in on a little secret

Postby ldeboer » Sun May 11, 2008 7:21 pm

Here is the secret dont tell blizz you know :)

The server sends back hot keys to make your character do things.

When you get MC'ed turn your spell bar to an empty one the spell number key shortcuts 0-9 then have nothing on them. You will run around like a turkey and use a few specific spells but he wont blow all your mana.

When MC is over turn you bar back to normal and pick him back up.
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Postby sunburst » Fri May 16, 2008 5:46 am

Oh. My. Stars. I must check it out, it will make the fight so much easier!
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Re: My 2 copper

Postby Aedan » Fri May 16, 2008 10:58 am

Hammerhand wrote:It's ironic but the biggest threat will be any severely over geared players (in relation to the rest of the group


My fiancee did a regular SL run with our old guild, and our super-uber-geared warlock decided to come along to help out the lowbies right after getting out of some pvp.

The result on the inciter?


Made him get half naked after that.
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Postby Levantine » Sat May 17, 2008 4:36 am

Old thread is old, but ehh. I don't find Blackheart all that terrible to be honest, even with my pocket pally tank. If I die then I have angelform to quickly spam people back to full. Like they've said, he hits like a girl.

Rofl, I remember 4manning Murmur when the tank got hit by the boom and then that secondary attack (that normally hits me x_x) Nothing I could do, but we decided just to get the DPS to blow their loads, and he went down, lol. Mages and Hunters for the win.
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Re: The second boss in SL

Postby Nikachelle » Sat May 17, 2008 7:10 am

On a personal note, I did a heroic SL and the healer dropped after the first MC because all the DPS were on her. Then? The four of us sans healer finished him off (and this was WITHOUT Lay on Hands since I'd blown it before we started to prevent the MC AI from robbing me of a full mana stack). We took him down from 95%. Made me kind of wonder just how necessary healers are sometimes... (kidding.) But it was pretty damn cool.
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