Question about our guild's issues on Tidewalker

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Question about our guild's issues on Tidewalker

Postby kaisaa » Thu Mar 13, 2008 7:23 am

So last night we concentrated on Tidewalker. Our best try was to 60%. Our tanking group consists of 2 X prot pallys, 1 X warrior, 1 X feral druid. Every try ended because the main tank died on during the murlocs.

First we had the warrior on Tidewalker and 2 pallies on murlocs. His shield block charges kept getting eaten up though so he would take crushings and died. So we swapped to me tanking Tidewalker. I did not take any crushings but I still died on each attempt.


First is my gear sufficient for tanking him? Buffed I am at 20k hp, 18,600 armor, 24% dodge, 16% parry, 23% block, 495 defense, 415 spell damage. ... n&n=kaisaa

Second should we stick with having our warrior on him? Our gear is comparable. I have a bit more hp and armor than he does, but he has a about 1% more dodge and 1.5% more parry than I do. The reason we swapped to me is better aggro generation and more shield block charges, but I dont know if it was a good idea. ... in&n=Xriya

Third we have toyed with the idea of the druid tanking him. But I don't know about our druids stats. How much armor, hp, and dodge should a druid tank have in bear form to tank T5 bosses? I know our druid has only about 17,500 hp in bear form but I am not sure about his armor or dodge. Is a feral druid a good idea for this fight?

Last any suggestions on keeping the main tank up when murlocs come out without the healers getting aggro and getting smushed?

Thanks for your help.
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Postby Questioner » Thu Mar 13, 2008 7:44 am

I think you might need to give us more info on what cause the tank to die. Judging by the info you've given me, all 3 tanks are plenty geared enough to tank him. Therefore, it isn't the tank that is the problem, it is the healers.

The only person that needs healing while the murlocs are coming out is the main tank. Especially when you've got 2 paladins handling the murlocs. One person is plenty to heal the paladin(s) once they start taking damage.

What is probably killing you is people switching to raid healing when the murlocs come out because of the earthquake. It is not needed to top them off right away, because there is no other source of raid damage (and often detrimental due to healing aggro). First, make sure the murlocs are under control. Once they are about dead, then you can heal the raid up. Until that point, all healing is on the MT. A couple crushing blows pretty much don't matter when you have 5 people spamming heals on you.

Last any suggestions on keeping the main tank up when murlocs come out without the healers getting aggro and getting smushed?

Somehow read everything but this line. What I said above is the exact reason your tank is dieing. It isn't gear,and it isnt the people healing the MT, its people healing the raid too soon. 1.) They aren't healing the MT 2.) They are pulling healing aggro because of the massive amount of raid healing they did.

Tell them NO raid healing until aoe is called for. Since you use healing aggro to grab the murlocs, you can heal up anyone that is very low hp.
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Postby kaisaa » Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:02 am

Good advice. I will make sure they know not to raid heal until murlocs are well under control.
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Postby Enesch » Thu Mar 13, 2008 9:04 am

Control the murlocs and you control the fight.

To reiterate: the murloc's aggro table starts as soon as earthquake hits. After earthquake there should be no raid healing, no earthshield on the tank, no cleaves, no whirlwinds, no lifeblooms. Once AoE is called on the murlocs, the party can raid-heal all they want. Until then, the only heals should be you on your healy-aggro target, the heals on the MT, and the heals on you.

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Postby Exabit » Thu Mar 13, 2008 11:46 am

And incase you havent read the other threads here about him, once earthquake happens the pally that is tanking the murlocs spam 2-3 Holy Lights on a warlock that is lifetapping, they will run out and go straight for that paladin. Also, tanking him near the rear hallway and having that paladin stand near the front hall down the ramp out of LOS of Tidewalker (to avoid watery graves) helps a lot.

I'm my guild's only tankadin and last week was my first time going to SSC with them, Tidewalker always gave them issues and even though he was killed every time, took 3-4 tries before everything went right. Last week it was a 1 shot with noone dying, all the murlocs just ran to me and it was a quick aoe down. After the fight I got a whisper from my RL that said "Fvck you for making that so easy :)"
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Postby Ocin » Fri May 16, 2008 10:02 am

I'm going to be MTing Tidewalker since we already have a second paladin tank for murlocks. Do I need to find a new place to tank? No one has said anything about this really, but if I stand where MMO-Champion shows (before the tunnel) I'm going to grab the murlocks as they come in addition to Tidewalker. should I still stand there and hope my other pally tank picks them up?
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Postby Cearn » Fri May 16, 2008 2:36 pm

it is nearly impossible to grab the murlocs from the healing paladin tank. if it happens, tell him to turn rf on.
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