Can 5 people clear trash?

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Can 5 people clear trash?

Postby ThugNMeThePally » Sat Mar 08, 2008 4:54 pm

Ive never been in Kara, but I just need to run CoT for the last part of the key quest, I have a great 5 man group of friends and family, our guild has about 7 people total. Thats not a bad thing that a great thing IMO we can do all the 5 man and going to start heroics soon, but the question is, once we get some heroic gear/badge gear can we walk into kara and kill the trash for rep? or do u still need 10?

Also, how long does a full clear of Kara take on average? full clear meaning every boss and all the trash? (with people not outgearing the place)
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Postby Zeels » Sat Mar 08, 2008 5:02 pm

If you know all the bosses, it takes us about 4 hours to clear everything, we are not overgeard t4 + some badge loot.

If you have a weaker party, you should count on 8 hrs (two nights).

5-men for clearing trash, sure it's possible. Though I would try to get some more ppls so you can take a shot at some bosses as well.

I was in the same position as you we were 6 or 7 in the guild, we started by pugging 4 ppls in, and then we continue to run with those ppls for a couple of months.

We are slowly making progress and now we have 2 teams that can clear karazhan, but it takes a bit more then 4 hours now, more like 6 hours for each team, due to wipes and having to explain tactics to new ppls (we still have to pug dps in, 2 spots per team usually).
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