How to tank all four Hydross adds (both phases).

Hydross, Lurker, Leotheras, Fathom-Lord, Tidewalker, Vashj

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heal the warlock is the way to go

Postby Kaelthar_ » Wed Mar 05, 2008 2:28 pm

in my opinion the most reliable way to get all four on you is the "heal the warlock" trick. Slap blessing of light on them and have themselves life tap their health down at least 5k from their max hp before each transition. If they have improved fel armor it makes it even better.

Sure it takes some timing to get used to but once you have it down it is amazing how well it works. AOEing can commence right away.

I consecrate first about where I expect Hydross will be and then start winding up the Holy Light... you get a feeling for when he is going to change colour - sometimes he will delay a bit.
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Postby Dianora » Sat Mar 08, 2008 12:00 pm

Found this video when I tried to dispelled plain misinformation in's column (the writer basically have no idea what we do). This is the infamous video of 2 Paladin tanking Hydross and all of his adds.
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Postby bubblecannon » Sun Mar 09, 2008 6:39 am

just make sure healers stand behind you and use the ole pre-consecrate + AS + taunt trick.. works a treat... With the healers staying behind you (5-10 yds) the adds will always dash right through your consecrate.. AS and then taunt you've got them.

example of me doing it on youtube:

Works like a dream. Only lost control of the adds when a dps messed up on the far side.. wasted a taunt so it took a bit longer to get them under control :(

ProTip: Use a hunter slowing trap on nature phase underneath your consecrate.. pretty much impossible to lose an add that way. Also earthbind totems work well for the frost phase.
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Postby Azulito » Wed Mar 12, 2008 10:14 am

tried the OP's method, Worked great. i'll post my stats later, i think i had around 180-200 unbuffed resist of each school.

i have a horrendous framerate on some fight, Hydross being one of them, so i had a druid pick up the adds that sometimes got loose, and bring them to me. no problems at all :)
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Postby Pious » Fri Mar 14, 2008 5:42 pm

I was more often than not tanking all 4 adds on Hydross, using 130 resist gear of each school (unbuffed), so pushing up to 230+ with auras and flask. Sitting on around 455 defence skill, with s1 mace and s2 shield - I didn't notice any crits. I noticed I was taking a lot of damage, but healers were awake.

I got another paladin into my group to provide the FrR aura whilst I used Retribution Aura myself. I started off with a shaman for WoA but ended up having him moved to a melee group to boost their damage, didn't make any noticeable difference - was on ~400 SD buffed without Shaman.

Used the same trick to get the adds onto me as has been suggested here - Avenger's Shield on one, JoR on the nearest to me, and taunt the other. Obviously that may leave one unaccounted for, in which case the druid/warrior snagging works really well.

This was our guild's first night of attempts on Hydross, and when we got him down I really feel as though I was the enabling factor that allowed DPS to continue on Hydross rather than messing around with banishes or having too many tanks.

Problems that occurred for me on earlier attempts were:
- melee dps stealing aggro and running around like chickens, forcing me to drag the other adds out of consecration to pick it up if taunt was on cd
- mages frost novaing the poison adds as soon as they spawned, resulting in mobs not in consecration and thus going after the aoe'ers
- me taunting Hydross instead in a fit of panic stricken click targeting and weird camera angles. Good thing he's immune!
- unlucky taunt resists and/or AS misses

Gear used was green FrR cloak (NR enchant), green FrR neck, Epic FrR & NR rings, Wildguard Helm (with NR enchant), Iceguard Leggings (with ZG NR enchant), and T4 shoulders/helm, badge loot chest, boots and belt. Balanced defence, spell damage and resist gear nicely, I feel.
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Postby Lowgrus » Sat May 17, 2008 12:48 am

what level are hydross spawns. I'm helping a guild out that is progressing, very good guys. But alhtough I know as a BT tank I can probably tank adds without resist, but I figure its cool to get the resist set anyways. and the amount of resist depneds on levels ya know. Like 210 of each would be all you need for 45 percent damage reduction on level 70 mobs but 280 each for resistance on level 73 mobs.

I mean I may just ned up not using resist gear at all but meh.
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Postby Cearn » Sat May 17, 2008 1:12 am

they are 71 afair...
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