Gruul tanking.

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Gruul tanking.

Postby Sithy » Mon Mar 03, 2008 4:54 pm

So far I've had a few fun and smooth kara clears on my pally, and as my guild is in SSC/TK we do gruul/mag with alts and a few mains looking for those last few elusive drops (lol dst, only 2 shields ever). I've also done gruuls as an OT on HK (deathcoil can bite me) and I'll be holy spec for the run or just toss my healing gear on gruul and toss out FoL and maybe LoH if I think it will save a wipe..

Now I'm wondering if my gear is good enough to MT him, from what I've been reading and from the other tanks in my guild I should be, but I'm just wondering if there is anything special I should do at my gear level to help make sure I live. ... n&n=Sithie
My stats are:
13.1k hp
15.3k ac
20% dodge
16.6% parry

Now I realize I'm crushable, sitting at around 100.8%, with kings/mark it jumps up to around 102%, will bumping that up to 102.4% be that big a deal? I do have the Elusion boots from kara sitting in my bag so those would cover the 0.4% or so difference.

Other than slightly crushable, how would threat be? I'm running with around 400 spellpower atm (~440 w/wizard oil), which from what I keep reading is on the high-end for tier 4 content.

As far as consumables go is a Flask of Fort fine or should I get an unstable flask or go with elixir of agility / mastery / fort / etc?
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Postby QuantumDelta » Mon Mar 03, 2008 5:52 pm

Unless you're alts DPS is incredibly good, get uncrushable......really... I can' stress it enough ,the rest is fine, use forti imo as well.
Other than possibly doing things to maximise your EHP you should really be fine.
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Postby Dynaheir » Tue Mar 04, 2008 7:06 am

Just a little feedback.. I've tanked him 4 times now, and successfully cleared Gruul's about 6. Depending on your raid you will be able to pull off a kill without so much avoidance, or not. Why? If dps is not incredible, you'll make it to Growths 10+. Now these are really hard to heal thru if the tank doesnt have amazing dodge + parry. But then again, if you have amazing healers instead, that are on their heels (not heals) and can heal through 9k~ hits you might live... So far when I MT'd him I've had the following buffed stats: 21k hp, 27% dodge and 17% parry, and I still died 2 out of the 4 times I tanked him. This happened when Gruul was at less than 10%, and our warrior OT picked him up, Shield Wall, Last Stand, GG.

Regarding your concerns, uncrushability is a must, even with the silences, you have to make sure you don't get crushed or it will be really nasty, specially closer to the end. Threat-wise, personally, I never have a problem. I always use a ret paladin in my group that will judge ISotC and provide me with Sanctity Aura so I end up using my Mongoose Sun Eater for the last 25% no prob. Also note, our best DPS are hunters so they just FD if they come anything close.

For consumables I use Unstable flask of the beast (20 agi 30 stam R mah friends). I found Nightmare Seeds a life savers too, but beware, they share the Healthstone Cooldown, so don't expect to use both.

Apart from that all I can tell you is GL!
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