mobs I just cannot keep aggro on

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mobs I just cannot keep aggro on

Postby sbeacher » Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:21 pm

I'm not talking about being out of mana or what not, I'm talking about mobs that for some reason that defies logic you ALWAYS lose aggro on and can't figure out why.

The first ones that come to mind are those 2 firehawk packs in botanica. For some reason, every single time I pull those, no matter how long they've had consecrate hitting them, (usually) will pull them, and then it's near impossible to get them back.

Another group are those groups of elite skeletons in heroic crypts. Pulling with AS, then consecrating and occasionally even getting a holy wrath off, I will constantly lose these things (usually to a warlock but I just seem to lose aggro on them a lot)

I don't need pointers as to how to hold aggro as I know how to do that and do it fine, its just these specific mobs that I lose aggro to time and time again and i was wondering if there was some weird dynamic i wasn't sure of.
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Postby Arees » Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:24 pm

A mob that I tend to have a hard time holding is the slaves in Steamvault that come with the Slavedriver. For some reason the healer usually always pulls them off me, even though I don't downrank consecrate at all for those. They just tend to run all around on me for some reason going from person to person.
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Postby Blowhole » Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:32 pm

I have the same problem on the Skelly packs as well. It's usually never the first 4 pack but the other 3 (5) packs. I usually relate it to, as is sounds the same in your case, a few select jackasses DPSing the wrong targets.

And as far as the Bloodfalcons are concerned are you sure this isn't happening:

The Falconer/Bloodfalcon pulls in Botanica are best handled by crowd controlling the falconer.

If you don't he will command the Bloodfalcons to attack a random party member. Things can get very hairy if it happens to be the healer...

Taken from Wowhead. But could also be a combination of that or the DPS not focus firing.

It's like anytime you get past Skull and X PuGgers get exponentially dumber. I'll mark kill order Skull, X, Star, Diamond, and then Triangle. Then I'll watch Triangle run to that Mage and see that Rogue getting beat on by Diamond and then wonder how much more simpler Blizzard could make this for them.
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Postby sbeacher » Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:42 pm

See that's what I wanted to know, if there was something like that happening.

I never knew he "commands" them to attack someone. I'll keep that fucker stunned from now on.

But it makes a ton of sense now since I could never figure out how I was losing aggro.

I almost exclusively use one or two marks, skull always marks the current kill target and if there are 3 mobs or more I will mark the second one to kill with a star (and if there are more than three then I dynamically will put a skull to mark which one to go to since at that point it's usually just melee and we are out of any sort of danger)

X is usually sheep (and I always will say to mages DO NOT SHEEP IF THERE IS NO X) although in some cases I will use trap/sap/seduce (not happily) like with some of the groups in blackheart's room in slabs as things can get really messy with those pulls if you don't cc some of the casters.
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Postby Pizbit » Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:43 pm

The Falconer MUST die first, or be CCed.

Or you just BoP who the hawks get sent after and scratch your head at them attacking someone immune.. :D

The slaves in SV have no aggro table to speak off, think Shade of Aran, I rarely even bother trying to taunt them or anything, most of the time they'll start running for me then head to someone else.

If you have a mage have them frost nova is about it.

For the final slave pull with the 2 myrmidoms or slave drivers(set of 3 mobs before the leeper gnomes) I mark it skull since it doesn't run, then when it does I HoJ it then if it still isn't dead, taunt it back and hope it's dead by then.
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Re: mobs I just cannot keep aggro on

Postby Invisusira » Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:48 pm

None of those are your fault.

Firehawk packs you have to kill the person QUICKLY or they will do a kill command. The firehawks will attack whoever he calls out, even after he's dead.

The skeles in Crypts and slaves in SV randomly drop aggro.

The ethereal scavengers in mana tombs also randomly drop aggro.
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Postby Catriona » Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:48 pm

As it was told to me in the Frustrations thread about the skellies in heroic Crypts:

They drop aggro. Not your fault. :)

Edit: Invisusira beat me to it. Sad panda!
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Postby Blowhole » Fri Feb 29, 2008 8:10 pm

Catriona wrote:As it was told to me in the Frustrations thread about the skellies in heroic Crypts:

They drop aggro. Not your fault. :)

Ahh good to know... I always thought this was a retarded DPSer issue.
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Postby Lalecize » Mon Mar 03, 2008 2:23 am


In Bot HoJ the chick, and dps her down first.
She does a RW and tells her birds to attack a party member.

In Crypts the blue skeletons drop aggro randomly and charge. Use exorcism/taunt to pull them back. Have a mage frost nova them if possible and kill the blue ones first.

In SV if you take the slavedriver when he isnt near any slaves (i.e. in the tunnel) then they wont pull any. The slaves randomly drop aggro, so nuke the slavedriver and/or frostnova them all.

None of them are your fault. You in fact can hold aggro on them better than any other tanking class.
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