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Postby lakhesis » Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:36 am

So I've been going through & re-rationalising my UI for MoP.

Historically I've used `12345 as my go-to primary rotation (Hammer of Wrath, WoG & Inq being triggered by a shift modifier)

This worked OK with cata, where consecrate was used fairly intermittently, but I find that by the time you're up to 567 in your regular rotation it's just not as fluid. You need to reach and it's a hinderance.

At present I'm thinking of using a single target bar with:
` = SotR (possibly with shift modifier for WoG, tho I may toss that up onto F2/3/4)
1 = CS
2 = Judgment
3 = AS (shift modifier for Hammer of Wrath)
4 = Consecration
5 = Holy Wrath

With R as Hammer of the Righteous (for weakened blows). PS. You should always swap "reply" away from R imo.

I'd then set up a nearly duplicate bar with HotR on 1 to swap to for extended aoe (preferably via capslock = AOE bar, no caps = the single target bar).

I could also swap to using an aura string rather than a standard action bar (similar to Theck's weakauras approach) and start making even more liberal use of shift (e.g. 1 CS, 2 Judge, 3 HotR, 4 = AS/HoW, 5 = Cons/HW) but that strikes me as getting a bit more clunky. I'm not particularly keen on modified keys as core rotational elements.

Also vaguely interested in what areas of the keyboard people tend to use for their specials.. I've typically used 7890-= as personal CDs, F1 as interrupt, then F2-Fwhatever as the remaining personal CDs & utility/group CDs. I'm contemplating changing a few of those to ZXCV and/or the numberpad.

And I'd prefer people talk about their standard (or possibly standard + special key) setups rather than "Buy a Naga" or "Buy a gaming keypad" ;)

So how're y'all doing it?

PS. And I keep QE as strafe and AD as keyboard turn, so that I can make my primary turn with the mouse & then fine tune the last bit of the turn with the keyboard while using the mouse to select targets
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Re: Keybindings

Postby KysenMurrin » Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:53 am

I just went though a big re-binding myself, making my setup a little more consistent and also eliminating character-specific keybinds. I tried to be systematic about it, so it would translate across my characters.

Here's too much detail that's only really relevant to me.

I have the stuff roughly grouped up, my full set are:
1-5, E, F, C - main rotation. I rebound Character pane to Z to get the extra keybind (I still mess up, and have managed to make my Shaman fall to his death a couple of times).
6, Q, G, V, R, T, \ - Utility/situational.
Shift+F, Alt+F, Alt+mousewheel up - Damage cooldowns.
Shift+1-6, Alt+1-4 - Other cooldowns.
Alt+Mousewheel down - Not settled on this one.
(I should note Alt is my thumb button on the mouse - I can't hit Alt on keyboard easily.)

You can see I mostly stick to keys that are close to WASD, with less frequently used spells on the less convenient binds.

Within the groupings certain keys have defined roles (roughly consistent across all toons):
1 & 5 are AoE
2 is main nuke (CS)
E is finisher (ShoR)
F ranged/proc attack (AS)
C situational, preferably ranged (HoW)
V is heal (WoG, with Shift mod for LoH; this morphs to mana gem/evoc on mage)
6 minor damage reduction (DP)
Q common maintenance buff (SS)
G Interrupt
R taunt/stun (depending spec - taunt with stun on Shift if tank)
T dispel
\ movement (started as Blink and Ghost Wolf. On Paladin, wound up as Hand of Freedom, but not sure I like that)
Shift+1/2 Trinkets
Shift+5 group buff (DevoAura, Heroism on others)

My whole setup, beyond 1-5, really all started with F, R, and \, because they're easy to hit while also using movement keys.
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