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Looking for Buff/CD/Spell Count Down Timers

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:12 pm
by KnotUrDay724

I just picked up the Razer Naga a week ago, and realized some of the nice add-ons to this for bar changing. Before I used Bartender. While Bartender had a nice condensing utility to stack and move your buttons/bars around, the Naga has it's own (must download from site) UI Mod that does the same thing with much more ease (from my experience so far).

I am curious though, is there any good mods for UI that stack well with the Razer Naga that will not conflict, like Buff, CD, and Spell Timers? Anything that would make my icons stand out or a small list of timers, that would be super helpful.

Any recommendations are welcomed.

By the way, I use Curse, so if its applicable through that awesome, but I can also manually add.