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Satrina's Buff Frames Target's Target

Postby sucellus » Fri Sep 03, 2010 10:18 am


When tanking I find the two most useful buff/debuff frames are my target, and my target's target (often another tank). I decided to try SBF to display these frames as they enable me to have exactly the flexibility I need.

Problem: Target's Target (and Focus' Target) just doesn't work properly, it takes forever to update and remains visible when there is no Target's Target etc. If anyone could confirm or know's of any workaround then that'd be great.

This is what I emailed to Satrina and posted on the SBF thread, but I've had no response (and SBF hasn't been updated for a year, is it dead?).

To replicate:

0) I disabled all other addons

1) Create a debuff frame with targettarget as the unit of interest.
2) Get debuffed somehow, for testing I used Weakened Soul on my priest from PW: Shield.
3) Select yourself, you will thus become your target, and inherantly, your target's target.
4) Deselect yourself.

What I would expect is that the debuff frame for target's target would vanish, but instead it remains. It will then persist indefinitely on zero seconds once the buff expires until I target someone (or myself) who has an active target's target.

In addition, the refresh rate of this frame appears to be very, very slow. If I debuff myself as I just described, once it's stuck on zero duration, selecting a player with an active target's target will take several seconds to then remove the zeroed debuff icon.

FocusTarget does not seem to work either. Very similar problem. This time I can not get the frame to update at all unless I change the focus.

1) Focus TargetA (TargetA is targetting TargetB)
2) Debuff TargetB

Debuff does not appear on FocusTarget debuff frame, however, if I then /focus a random other person, then focus targetA again, the FocusTarget frame shows the debuff with the correct CD remaining. Again though, it gets stuck at zero and never goes away at all until I change focus.

Any ideas or confirmation?
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