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Returning Tankadin LF UI Compilation

Postby mynameismichael » Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:00 am

I am coming back to wow for some casual play with a group of a few friends. Unfortunately, my old UI is in ruin. I dont want to spend a few hours setting up a decent UI, instead I am looking at conpilations, as I have seen there are a great many on different websites. The problem is weeding through all of them to find one that works well for tanks. DPSers, Healers, and Tanks all need a very different set of information. DPSers might like a flashy UI that splashes huge crits on the screen (baaad for tanks) and healers might want elaborate raid frames. I need something that can provide me the information I need to tank/lead a 10 man raid. I like a minimalistic style that is nice and clean, that easily presents the info I need when I need it in a way that is accessible.

If anyone knows of any pack that might fit my needs, please help! It could save me hours of my time!

Thank you,

P.S. I play at 1600x1080.
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Re: Returning Tankadin LF UI Compilation

Postby Kelaan » Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:26 pm

mynameismichael wrote:I need something that can provide me the information I need to tank/lead a 10 man raid. I like a minimalistic style that is nice and clean, that easily presents the info I need when I need it in a way that is accessible.

I can't give you a compilation, but will list the things I use:

- oUF_Ciderhelm : Ciderhelm's oUF layout. You need to edit the sources to alter its behavior. (I added more debuffs and buffs shown for target/ToT)
- Satrina's Buff Frames
- Grid + GridStatusRaidDebuffs : see what needs cleansin', or pick a good DI target.
- Deus Vox Encounters (DXE): I prefer it to DBM, but your mileage may vary.
- Combat text turned off. It distracts me. Sometimes I miss it.
- PallyPower
- Bartender4

The main one is oUF_Ciderhelm. I liked the way his looked, and it makes it REALLY easy to see what stacks your co-tank has when you need to taunt from them at the right time.

Here's a screenshot. I've tweaked things since then (such as hiding MSBT or the location of some timers from DXE), but it's basically accurate. Disabling scrolling combat text REALLY helped me with awareness of the battlefield, so that I could see where/when things were happening. (I also use a top-down view quite a lot now.)

Otravi Unit Frames has some great example UIs that others have built; I'm a neophyte at it. I added support for one of the healing communication mods (so I can see incoming heals), and resized some of the elements (like mana/rage/runic power bar thickness), but that's about it. It wasn't as bad as I feared, though not NEARLY as convenient to change as pitbull or ag_uf or xperl.

I like it because it gives me a VERY clear indicator when either I or the other tank has Something Bad on them (gaseous bloat, for example), and gives me very good visibility of What's Going On. I chose that layout after watching several tanking videos, and looking at other tanks' screenshots. Look for what others have, determine how you'd use it, and pick something that looks OK in action.
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Re: Returning Tankadin LF UI Compilation

Postby unlimit » Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:50 am

This is my own compilation, all of my unitframes, party frames, raid frames, castbars, mouse-over bindings, buffs, debuffs, viewport, minimap, threat meter, damage meter, and action bars were created by me in OpenRDX. My Bossmods are DXE, I use MSBT as my combat text, I use TinyPlates: CleanPlates as my name plates, I use CowTip as my tooltips, and finally ForteXorcist as my cooldown tracker.

additionally: clcret for my FCFS timer, it also has a prot setting for 96969.
even-more-so additional: various other addons that don't make a difference to gameplay, and just help me personally for nitpicking.

I would be happy to compile it all for you into something you could use yourself, if you wanted to use my UI.

I mean, UI's are going to be personal. It's just your taste in style and the quality of information it will give you and how you like it to be placed. Just because a tank wants to see that huge crit on the screen doesn't mean it's a bad thing, maybe that's the information he would like to see. In reality, the only thing you really need to know as a tank is, who has aggro, who may or may not have a certain buff/debuff, peoples positions, and threat. All of that is attainable with just the default UI and a good bossmod, that's as minimalist as you can go really.

A lot of people download other peoples compilations simply to get a taste of what they want then heavily modify it until it gives them exactly what they want, not a whole lot of people just download it and keep it how it came.

One thing with my UI personally, is RDX is the most customizable addon you can find. So anything that I personally created, you could totally rework with a bit of determination. It has a bit of a learning curve.
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