Looking for Hand of Reckoning Macro

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Looking for Hand of Reckoning Macro

Postby agetro » Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:33 pm

I was looking at Tauntmaster. And it seems like you can just click on the person who has aggro, left-click and it will HoR whatever is attacking that player. And right-clicking will cast Righteous Defense.

Currently I'm using Vuhdo and I love it. I have it set so I can cast Righteous Defense on the player that has aggro. I also added a mouseover to Hand of Reckoning. But I need to actually put my mouse over the enemy to get it to cast.

Does anyone know what macro Tauntmaster is using to cast HoR when you click the button of the player? It seems like it COULD be /assist player etc, etc, but what if the player doesn't have that baddie selected. It wouldn't really work would it?

Or is that really the only situation a baddie would be pulled from you... when another player outdps your threat? in that case, then /assist would work? But how can you set it to macro? That way I can add it to my mouse-click options in Vuhdo. :) Thanks in advance.
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Re: Looking for Hand of Reckoning Macro

Postby Makaijin » Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:43 am

Like you said, a HoR macro would never work if the said player with aggro isn't targetting the agrroing mob. RD is unique than all over taunts is that it works in "reverse". With RD you "taunt" the friendly player (targetting a mob it auto does target of target) and up to 3 mobs that have aggro on that friendly will be taunted to you. HoR works the same as all other taunts from other classes in that you have to target a mob, with the damage as an added bonus.

If i remember correctly the addon Tauntmaster works by detecting aggro target target scanning and not by threat situation. And target scanning requires at least someone in your party/raid (pets work too) to have targetted the mob for it to be detected. Healers in general nowadays with all those click healing addons hardly if ever target a mob, maybe the boss or MT and thats it. Using tauntmaster I've had dead healers being 1 shotted because no one was targetting the stray mob for tauntmaster to be able to detect aggro.

It's also the reason I pushed threat scanning to be supported on Vuhdo a month back as it's more reliable and more useful for a tank, whereas target scanning is more useful for a healer.

If you are having problems seeing stray mobs in which you don't have aggro you might want to turn on threat highlighting on name plates, or better still try an addon "Tidy plates" and with "threat plates".
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