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Suggestions for useful add-ons

Postby Amonet » Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:38 am

Hello guys.

I was wondering if anyone has a useful add-on for tanking in particulair.. Also my UI is currently just the standard blizzard UI, and many ppl say that it's alot better using other UI's. Anything that can be recommended for tanking as paladin?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Suggestions for useful add-ons

Postby Levantine » Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:55 am


Although in all seriousness, Power Auras is 1000000000% amazing once you learn how to set it up.
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Re: Suggestions for useful add-ons

Postby cyphirx » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:21 am

THere are a couple other threads like this around, but I'd say a few to look at are with would be a good start.
I also use but also looked into Eavesdrop before. The Tankadin addon suite is definitely a good pick(suck-up, I know) or TankTotals both kinda accomplish the same thing with some variance in info. Omen's also a smart one to have to track unruly DPS who aren't watching aggro. I also like to use Vuhdo as my unit frame so I can do quick heals or DI's while in progression raiding.

Yaaa, and halfway I gave up getting URL's, sorry :D. You can find most of these addons at Curse or WoWInterface.
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Re: Suggestions for useful add-ons

Postby bldavis » Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:05 pm

i know there is a thread somewhere about this, but just a couple i use

Omen- should be mandatory for everyone that does damage IMHO
Tidyplates w/ Tankplates - Much nicer then the Standard nameplates
PallyPower - I love this, makes Buffing fast and easy, and easy to set up (plus any other pally with it, you can have them assign blessings and auras, or you can for everyone)
CT Barmods - not bad, i havent tried Bartender, but basically any addon that gives you more bars is good, that way you dont have to scroll through the action bars in fight

Thats about it for tanking, but for just everyday wowing
Crapaway - automatically sells all Grey items in your bags (yes im lazy)

i cant think of the rest off the top of my head, but those are the ones i would suggest for tanking

edit: these can all be found on Curse or WowMatrix

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Re: Suggestions for useful add-ons

Postby Airanna » Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:00 pm

My suggestions -

Skada - It can easily serve as a threat meter during a fight and a damage/death/healing/etc. meter outside combat.

Tidy Plates w/ Threat Plates - The newest versions of both together are very customizable and just about as win and light as nameplate addons get.

STUF - If you're happy with the blizz default unit frames, by all means. If you're looking for lightweight and infinitely customizable unit frames, go with these. Or Pitbull 4, my personal preference is STUF.

VuhDo - You want raid frames. Especially as a tank. And these puppies combine both Grid and Clique into an uber raid frame at less memory usage. Just get it.

Dominos - Now, it's possible other barmods have changed, but last I looked Dominos is the only one that recycle blizz default code to do it's thing, making it far more responsive and less error prone than other barmods. If you want something different, I'd recommend Bartender.

ForteXorcist - I used to use a combination of Cooldown Buttons and Classtimer, this mod is like someone took both of those and CoolLine and combined them into buff/debuff crack.

Satrina's Buff Frames - Made by one of the best posters on Tankspot, alongside such tanking celebs as our own Lore. I mean, really, if you're going to use a buff mod, shouldn't you use one made by the guy who had a tanking trinket named after him?

iMinimap - Simply the lightest weight minimap i've found, though you do have to config by editting LUA. For a close approximation with in-game config go for pMinimap.

Docking Station + Broker addons - Think of it like the new Fubar. Hell, the new Titan Panel is a broker collector even. There are many many broker container addons out there, this is just what I use. Carousel and Chocolate Bar are good alternatives. There are broker plugins for near any data feed, and a lot of our frequently used addons include LDB plugins. I recommend searching out the following specifically:
Broker Repair (Lovely Edition) - Durability info, auto-repair (self or guild), repair costs, and auto-sell grey items all in one light plugin.
TomQuest 2 - Quest log on broker and custom quest/achievement trackers.

Deus Vox Encounters - RIP DBM, this is the new bad boy on the boss mod scene.

CLCRet - Rotation mod for retribution, protection module isn't bad either. Mostly just an absolute must have for your Ret offspec.

I definitely use a few more, but these are the Addons I really couldn't live without.
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Re: Suggestions for useful add-ons

Postby Amonet » Sat Feb 06, 2010 12:25 pm

Thanks ppl, appreciate it, gonna test some out.
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Re: Suggestions for useful add-ons

Postby Kelaan » Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:50 pm

I recently changed my unit frames to an oUF layout from Ciderhelm. I like it lots (even if I cannot stand where it put the DK runes). However, I also started using Tidy Plates threat stuff, and ... it's awesome. I am not sure how I tanked without it. Seeing clearly which adds you just lost aggro on is AWESOME for heroic tanking, or trash tanking.

If you install two mods, let them be Omen and Tidy Plates Threat.
Well, Deus Vox Encounters (DXE) or Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) are fantastic too, and necessary. ;-)

I like non-stock UI for player/target/target-of-target/focus/focus-target frames. They let me see more easily when my co-tanks get critical debuffs ("time to taunt!"), as well as what the boss is casting or who he's targeting. Ciderhelm's UI lays that out VERY nicely. (My only gripe is that oUF, the fraemwork under the hood, is a complete bitch to configure: you need to edit the Lua scripts. ;) I'll learn more about that later.)

Even if you don't use that ADDON, configuring your frames with pitbull or xperl or any other unit frames addon in a similar layout to Ciderhelm's will likely be very handy. Also, look at the giiiigantic thread stickied here about "post your UI" -- you can see what others have done, and find one that looks like what you think you'd like.

Satrina's Buff Frames are also nice. They cleared up a whole lot of space on my screen which previously was nearly unreadable.

I used to use scrolling combat text. I turned it off this weekend and haven't really missed it. I will need to reconfigure it so that I have only missed taunts and other major cooldowns showing, I think.
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