zomgbuffs - anyone still using it?

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Re: zomgbuffs - anyone still using it?

Postby Taragor » Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:44 pm

I use zomg bufs and have little to no problems. On my laptop, it seemed to stop working so I uninstalled it as well as the curse client and reinstalled everything fresh. But back on point, to be honest being in a 25 man raid guild, we simply just assign the paladin buffs (taragor sanctuary, pally#2 ur on might, pally #3 ur on kings.) I then set zomg buffs to buff sanctuary on all classes and I am done for the night. Don't have to switch it until I go and run a 10 man or a random. I dont see anyone having any issues do to me using it, and i am never randomly dc'ing due to it. Nor are any other paladins. Just my experience. Funny sometimes this one guy will complain that we should be using paly power, but he's usually being lazy and just not listening to assignments. I see no big deal in assigning buffs at start. Set it and forget it at that point. I like that zomg has the sacred shield rebuff and hand of freedom rebuff timer with button/icon to remind me to use it in middle of fight.
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Re: zomgbuffs - anyone still using it?

Postby Lave » Fri Feb 12, 2010 2:14 am

wow.. i finally met someone, who sees any use in the 'hand of freedom reminder'. i mean srsly.. its not like you spam it on cooldown or something. when i'm stuck i press my button combo and either i'm freed, or not.

but back to topic:
dont get me wrong, i dont have any problems with assignements or whatsoever. zomgbuffs is running like a charm.
well, unless i group up with 4+ paladins that use pallypower that is (wich happens alot in VoA or TotC pugs). theres really no point in telling me, that your zomg runs smooth in a 3 paladin environment - because so does mine.

looks like theres no fix for this. i came with terms to that by relogging with disabled comunication module when im grouped with 4+ pals. (no real need for assignements in such a palheavy setup anyway)
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Re: zomgbuffs - anyone still using it?

Postby Yelena » Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:10 pm

"You need Crusader Aura"

ZOMG's useless annoying reminder system is probably the single biggest reason I stopped running it. That, and the fact its Blessings module doesn't actually play nice with PallyPower half the time. I'm happy with PallyPower (especially with the LDB module for it that another person wrote); it's stable, easy to configure, and doesn't take a month or longer to get fixed if a major patch causes an issue.
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Re: zomgbuffs - anyone still using it?

Postby xstratax » Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:11 am

^ That. I love Zomg, and still use it, but its a little bit more than infuriating that it and PP dont play nice at all (and Zomg always reports that im doing a different buff than what I have in the manager to PP).
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Re: zomgbuffs - anyone still using it?

Postby Digren » Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:35 pm

I find its reminder to turn on Crusader's Aura to be a valuable time saver. It still works just fine for me. When I assign raid blessings, I do it quickly in chat anyway.

Two paladins:
Hey Lurik can you might/wis? I'll kings all + sanct pallies.

Three paladins:
Hey guys looks like three tonight, so usual complicated buffs. Mariance can you get wis on casters + kings on others, Lurik might physical + kings others. I'll kings hunters/druids/shaman and sanct others.

Four paladins:
Woo hoo easy tonight. Lurik might, Mari wis, Regor kings, me sanct.

Heck, I could even macro those.

When I need to reset my own blessings, I just load a stored set in ZOMGB. Works fine.
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