3 Questions (semi-unrelated)

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3 Questions (semi-unrelated)

Postby Beriis » Wed Oct 14, 2009 5:11 pm

So I've been messing around with my UI lately, trying to make it cleaner, sleeker, and more intuitive.

I currently use Grid for Raid and Party frames, and Pitbull for my Player, Target, and ToT. It occured to me that Pitbull is a lot of addon for just those frames.

Which brings the first question, is there something that would replace the current function of Pitbull in my UI without all the excess capability that Pitbull has?

Second, semi-unrelated question: I just saw VuhDo on curse. It looks very nice, and seems to have a really friendly but deep configuration interface. Does anyone use this? It seems like this could replace both Grid and Pitbull for me. My only concern is if it turns out to be a huge resource hog.

Third question really totally unrelated to the first two. Is there a way to block certain addons from whispering your client other than ignoring the person using the addon? I ask this in particular relation to GearScore, I was appalled at the amount of spam that I get from other people's GearScore addon.

My computer is not the greatest and I have occasional issues with DC'ing. From what I've read addon traffic can be a significant contributor to the problem. I'd love a way to block specific addons rather than their users.
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Re: 3 Questions (semi-unrelated)

Postby Aubade » Wed Oct 14, 2009 6:52 pm

1.) Try Ag_unitframes, It looks alot like pitbull but is alot less of a resource hog and is alot easier to configure.

2.) I have no idea, haven't seen this mod.

3.) Ignore them. Gearscores are pretty dumb and people who rely on them aren't good players.
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Re: 3 Questions (semi-unrelated)

Postby Levantine » Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:15 am

ag_UF are why people kill kittens. The reason it's easier to configure is because you pretty much can't configure it. Personally I'd give up Grid before Pitbull, since you can configure PB to do most everything Grid is capable of.


I've heard good things about VuhDo, but I don't know enough about it to give a real answer to the question, sorry. :( It's worth looking into I'd say.

Also, that stupid addon is why I have half of my own guild on /ignore.
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