My PallyPower (and others) is broken. Help please.

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My PallyPower (and others) is broken. Help please.

Postby Aestu » Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:05 am

I recently had to redo my entire UI, not quite from scratch (and therein may lie the problem) when an old laptop was pressed into service while my desktop was shipped.

PallyPower will not let me drag the buff anchor, and the buff frame does not display. When I attempt to drag the anchor a LUA error comes up. When I open the menu, a large broken field of text and BoW icons comes up, along with an error message, and I cannot adjust anything.

Possibly related: my AtlasLoot minimap button will not display, despite the mod responding to script commands; EliksBuffBars will not allow me to use or configure them mod, although the addon list at the character select screen displays it as active; and my PitBull is taking up an inordinate amount of memory and producing a large number of assorted errors, mostly connected to the portraits, targets, and aggro warnings. DrDamage also shows as loading but does not produce a tooltip or respond to script commands.

I had attempted to install and use FuBar, but discarded this. I am using FuViewport, Bartender4, Pitbull, Omen, Atlas/Atlasloot, Tankadin, Aloft, Titanpanel, Ratingbuster, DrDamage and some other minor mods. All are reasonably up to date though I have not completely purged everything after updating from 2.2. I did delete Omen's entry in the WTF folder, as I had heard it might be connected to this, and also PallyPower's.

Looking for insight and help, please.
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Postby shindo1234 » Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:16 pm

i cant get my buff frames to work either
i cant get my righteous fury to be monitored
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Postby Fenira » Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:53 pm

Delete your WTF Folder, download it again, and try unzipping it back into your folders.
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