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ThatJustHappened: Combat Event Announcement Mod

Postby moduspwnens » Tue Jul 15, 2008 4:54 pm

Combat Event Announcement Mod

We had some interest in the mod from a few other threads, so I made this post to help explain how it works, and to offer a place for us to share "rules" as necessary. Here's the author's description:
    This mod is an event tracker that will watch for a given event and pop up a warning in chat or on screen. It is similar to SCT or EavesDrop, but lets you spam customized events to the channel of your choice. If you want something to spam *you* when events happen, feel free to use one of those other mods. If you want to be able to set up warnings for any combat event and announce it pretty much anywhere, this mod's for you.
Virtually anything in the combat log can be announced, so almost all game happenings are fair game. Just be sure not to make too many, or you'll drive your raid crazy!

What Would I Announce?
The sky is the limit! Generally, I prefer to announce stuns and knockdowns to allow for my healers to know when excess damage is coming, as well as Mortal Strikes and Mind Control. You could take it a step further, though, and alert your raid when harmful totems are dropped, when you cast Avenging Wrath, or when your taunt is resisted.


How the Rules Work
Here's the syntax of a TJH rule:
/tjh rule EVENT_NAME;SourceName;TargetName;SpellName;Affiliation;Channel;Spam

The EVENT_NAME is one of many available on WoWWiki and in TJH's drop-down box. Some more popular are SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS (when a spell successfully lands), and SPELL_AURA_APPLIED (a buff or debuff is applied). However, partial phrases, such as SPELL_CAST will also work (so that SUCCESS and MISSED both trigger).

SourceName is the source of the event.

TargetName is the target of the event. When you gain or lose a buff, you are the "target" of it.

Spellname is the name (or ID) of the spell.

Affiliation is a little trickier, but allows for some good rules. Let's say you were looking to make a small announcement for when someone gains the Soulstone buff, so you know who is soulstoned. You could make an individual rule for each person in your party or raid (tedious), or leave the target field blank (in Shatt/Org/IF, you'll be constantly hearing about others' Soulstones). So, instead of specifying a target specifically, set the Affiliation to raid or party, and it will only announce the Soulstones of people in your group.

Channel is the place you want to announce this. SELF goes just to your chat box, SAY, YELL, PARTY, and RAID are self-explanatory, and RW will announce to a raid warning. You can also use the name of a player to send it to them as a whisper. UPDATE: The latest version now supports EMOTE, as well as the dynamic *source and *target. UPDATE: Even sounds are now supported. Use SOUND in the Channel and the path to it in the Spam.

Spam is what you want to be said when this event happens. If you leave it blank, you'll get a generic phrase, like "Modus is afflicted by Mortal Strike." This will work, but to cut down on the spam, and allow for less reading, it would probably be worth setting this as "Mortal Strike!" so my healers are alerted, yet I'm not filling up everyone's screen with long chat bubbles. Also, don't forget that you can use dynamic variables here (*event, *source, *target, *spell) to be a little more clear with your announcements.

Delay is an optional parameter that is used just after Spam, added in version 3.0.4. Put a number here and your announcement will be delayed by that number of seconds.

You can leave any of the fields blank for the "default" value. For example, if you leave the target field blank, it will accept all targets as a possibility.


How to Make Your Own Rules
As you get to know the combat log better, you'll be able to make them without checking the combat log, but for now, type /combatlog to start logging your combat log to your hard drive, and then get the event to happen. Here are some lines I took simply from running outside Shatt and stunning a mob:
    7/15 17:46:19.640 SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS,0x00000000021B2798,"Modus",0x511,0xF13000482203E677,"Dreadfang Lurker",0x10a48,10308,"Hammer of Justice",0x2
    7/15 17:46:19.920 SPELL_AURA_APPLIED,0x0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0xF13000482203E677,"Dreadfang Lurker",0x10a48,10308,"Hammer of Justice",0x2,DEBUFF
    7/15 17:46:26.031 SPELL_AURA_REMOVED,0x0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0xF13000482203E677,"Dreadfang Lurker",0x10a48,10308,"Hammer of Justice",0x2,DEBUFF
I found these lines by opening my combat log (located in YourWoWDirectory>Logs>WoWCombatLog.txt), and doing a Ctrl+F Find for Hammer of Justice, as this is the stun I'm looking to announce. As you can see, the first line includes me (Modus), the mob (Dreadfang Lurker), and the spell (Hammer of Justice). It also lists the event, SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS. The second line, though, lists only the mob's name and the spell, with the event "SPELL_AURA_APPLIED". This is because the first line said I cast the spell on the mob, and the second line says he is afflicted by the "Hammer of Justice" debuff, and is stunned. The third line is when the stun fades from the mob (SPELL_AURA_REMOVED).

So, each of those combat log entries should give you a pretty good indication of what your rule should look like.

/tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;Modus;;Hammer of Justice;;YELL;Stop! Hammer time!

...and there you are! Now my character will yell, "Stop! Hammer time!" each time I cast the spell on anything, but not when it resists. This will probably be quite annoying. It's worth noting, though, that I left the target and affiliation fields blank. This is because I don't want it to yell ONLY when I stun a specific target, and since it's an offensive stun, no affiliation description is necessary.

HINT: You can also sometimes use WoWHead to find out spell names. For example, I wanted to make an alert for Gurtogg's knockback, but didn't know the name of the spell. Sure enough, WoWHead listed his abilities, and Eject was the name of it.


Q: It isn't working. I can't get it to announce anything.
A: First, be sure it's on. After downloading the mod, you must first use the "/tjh on" command to start it going (or /tjh, and click the Enable button). If that doesn't work, stand in a crowded area and add this rule:
    /tjh rule ;;;;;;
It has no defined characteristics, so it will announce anything that happens to anyone to the default channel (SELF, your chat box). If the mod is on, and this doesn't work, something is wrong.

Q: When I save a rule on one character, does it apply to another?
A: No. I'm going to bug the author to make a "profile" feature, but right now it doesn't do this. For now, to copy one set of rules to another character, you can go to YourWoWDirectory>WTF>YourAccount>YourServer>YourCharacter>SavedVariables, and copy all the ThatJustHappened files over to another character.

TBC - 5 Mans + T4 Raid Rules: ... 269#295269

TBC - T5 Raid Rules: ... 276#295276

TBC - T6 Raid and Sunwell Rules: ... 281#295281
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Postby moduspwnens » Tue Jul 15, 2008 4:54 pm

General Purpose Rules

Taunt Resisted:
    /tjh rule SPELL_MISSED;YourName;;Righteous Defense;self;RAID_WARNING;Taunt failed on *target.
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Concussion Blow;;SAY;Stunned!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Concussive Throw;;SAY;Stunned!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Shield Bash;;SAY;Stunned!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Hammer of Justice;;SAY;Stunned!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Paralyzing Poison;;SAY;Stunned!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Throw Shield;;SAY;Stunned!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Fel Stomp;;SAY;Stunned!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;War Stomp;;SAY;Stunned!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Drunken Skull Crack;;SAY;Stunned!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Kidney Shot;;SAY;Stunned!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Cheap Shot;;SAY;Stunned!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Pounce;;SAY;Stunned!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Knockdown;;SAY;Knocked down!
Misdirection finishes (helpful for hunters):
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_REMOVED;;PlayerName;Misdirection;;SAY;Misdirection finished.
Gouge (drops aggro temporarily)
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Gouge;;RW;Gouged! Temporary aggro drop.
Divine Intervention
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;PlayerName;;Divine Intervention;;RAID;
Mortal Strike
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Mortal Strike;;SAY;Mortal Strike!
Avenging Wrath
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Avenging Wrath;;PARTY;Wings popped.
Disarm Warning
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Disarm;self;SAY;Disarmed! Watch threat!
Warrior taunts off your target:
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;WarriorName;;Taunt;target;SELF;*source taunted my target.
Druid taunts off your target:
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;DruidName;;Growl;target;SELF;*source taunted my target.
Death Knight taunts off your target (Death Grip):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;DKName;;Death Grip;target;SELF;*source taunted my target.
Death Knight taunts off your target (Dark Command):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;DKName;;Dark Command;target;SELF;*source taunted my target.
Paladin taunts off of you:
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;;YourName;Righteous Defense;;SELF;*source taunted from me.
Paladin taunts off your target (HoReck):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;PaladinName;;Hand of Reckoning;target;SELF;*source taunted my target.
Lay on Hands cast:
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;;;Lay on Hands;raid;RAID;*source cast Lay on Hands.
Lay on Hands cast by you:
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;YourName;;Lay on Hands;;RAID;Lay on Hands cast!
Divine Protection cast:
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Divine Protection;self;SAY;Shield wall up!
Divine Protection fades:
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_REMOVED;;;Divine Protection;self;SAY;Shield wall over!
You cast Hand of Protection on someone:
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;YourName;;Hand of Protection;SELF;*target;HoP'd!
You cast Hand of Salvation on someone:
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;YourName;;Hand of Salvation;SELF;*target;Salved!
Your Sacred Shield falls off:
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_REMOVED;YourName;;53601;SELF;SELF;Sacred Shield fell off.
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Postby moduspwnens » Tue Jul 15, 2008 4:54 pm

Five Man Dungeons and Heroics

Anub'arak's Pound (Azjol-Nerub):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST;Anub'arak;;Pound;;RW;Pound incoming! GET BEHIND HIM!
Prince Taldaram summons Fire Orbs (Ahn'Kahet):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST;Prince Taldaram;;Conjure Flame Sphere;;SAY;Get out!
Jedoga Shadowseeker's Damage Buff fades (Ahn'Kahet):
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_REMOVED;;Jedoga Shadowseeker;Gift of the Herald;;SAY;Enrage faded.
Ahn'kahar Spell Flinger's Shadow Blast (Ahn'kahet):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST;Spell Flinger;;Shadow Blast;;RW;Shadow Blast incoming!
King Dred's Grievous Bite (Drak'tharon):
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Grievous Bite;party;RW;Grievous Bite! Heal to full!
Slad'ran's Snake Wrap (Gundrak):
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Snake Wrap;party;PARTY;
Gal'darah's Enrage (Gundrak)
    SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;Gal'darah;Enrage;;RW;Enraged! Tranq shot!
Gal'darah's Impale (Gundrak):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST;Gal'darah;;Impaling Charge;;PARTY;*target impaled.
Moorabi's Transformation (Gundrak):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST;Moorabi;;Transformation;;SAY;Interrupt it!
Eck the Ferocious' Eck Residue (Gundrak Heroic):
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Eck Residue;party;PARTY;
Dragonflayer Runecaster's Rune of Flame (Utgarde Keep):
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Rune of Flame;;SAY;Rune of Flame on *target.
Ingvar the Plunderer's Smash and Dark Smash (Utgarde Keep):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_START;Ingvar;;Smash;;SAY;Smash! Watch out!
King Ymiron's Bane Warning (Utgarde Pinnacle):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST;King Ymiron;;Bane;;RW;
Tribunal of Ages' Searing Gaze (Halls of Stone):
    /tjh rule SPELL_DAMAGE;Searing Gaze;;Searing Gaze;;RW;*target in fire! MOVE!
Unrelenting Construct's Unrelenting Strike (Halls of Stone):
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Unrelenting Strike;;SAY;Stunned!
Maiden of Grief's Shock of Sorrow (Halls of Stone):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST;Maiden of Grief;;Shock of Sorrow;;RW;Repentance incoming!
Sjonnir the Ironshaper's Iron Ooze dies (Halls of Stone):
    /tjh rule UNIT_DIED;;Iron Sludge;;;PARTY;Iron Sludge killed.
Stormforged Runeshaper's Charged Flurry (Halls of Lightning):
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;Stormforged Runeshaper;Charged Flurry;;RW;Stun the runeshaper!
Loken's Lightning Nova Warning (Halls of Lightning):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_START;Loken;;Lightning Nova;;RW;Nova! Get out!
Loken's Lightning Nova Hits (Halls of Lightning):
    /tjh rule SPELL_DAMAGE;;;Lightning Nova;;PARTY;Lightning Nova hit *target.
Ley-Guardian Eregos' Enrage (Oculus):
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;Eregos;Enraged Assault;;RW;Enraged! Time stop now!
Ley-Guardian Eregos' Planar Anomaly hits a drake (Oculus):
    /tjh rule SPELL_DAMAGE;;;Planar Blast;;PARTY;*target hit by orb.
Zuramat's Shroud of Darkness (Violet Hold):
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_START;Zuramat;;Shroud of Darkness;;RW;Stop all attacks!
Zuramat's Void Shifts a player, allowing him to attack Void Spawns (Violet Hold):
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Void Shifted;party;YELL;*target can now attack voids.
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Postby moduspwnens » Tue Jul 15, 2008 4:55 pm


Patchwerk's Hateful Strike lands:
    /tjh rule SPELL_DAMAGE;Patchwerk;;Hateful Strike;;RAID;*target hit by Hateful.
Grobbulus' Poison Cloud:
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;Grobbulus;;Poison Cloud;;SAY;Poison dropped.
Grobbulus' Mutating Injection:
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;Grobbulus;;Mutating Injection;;RW;*target is infected.
Sapphiron's Icebolt freezes you:
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Icebolt;;YELL;I'm an Ice Block!
Kel'thuzad's Detonate Mana:
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Detonate Mana;raid;RW;*target exploding in five seconds!
Kel'thuzad's Frost Blast:
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Frost Blast;raid;RW;Heal *target quickly!


Flame Leviathan's Battering Ram hits something
    /tjh rule SPELL_DAMAGE;Flame Leviathan;;Battering Ram;;RAID;*target hit in melee.
Flame Leviathan: Freya's Ward hits something
    /tjh rule SPELL_DAMAGE;;;Freya's Ward;;RAID;*target hit by nature.
Flame Leviathan: Mimiron's Inferno hits something
    /tjh rule SPELL_DAMAGE;;;Mimiron's Inferno;;RAID;*target hit by fire.
Flame Leviathan: Hodir's Fury hits something
    /tjh rule SPELL_DAMAGE;;;Hodir's Fury;;RAID;*target hit by ice.
Hardened Iron Golem casts Harden Fists
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_START;Hardened Iron Golem;;Harden Fists;target;SAY;Harden fists! Move out!
Iron Council: Runemaster Molgeim begins casting Rune of Power
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_START;;;Rune of Power;;SAY;Rune of Power inc!
Iron Council: Steelbreaker's Fusion Punch ticks (Dispel fail):
    /tjh rule SPELL_PERIODIC_DAMAGE;Steelbreaker;;Fusion Punch;;RAID;Fusion Punch ticked on *target.
Iron Council: Any dispel on you fails
    /tjh rule SPELL_DISPEL_FAIL;;YourName;;RAID;
Kologarn stacks Crunch Armor
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Crunch Armor;;SAY;
Auriaya: Sanctum Sentries' debuff stack
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Rip Flesh;;RAID;
Thorim's Unbalancing Strike lands
    /tjh rule SPELL_DAMAGE;;;Unbalancing Strike;;SAY;*target unbalanced.
Hodir: You gain Storm Power (signifying people with the buff don't need to run to you)
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Storm Power;self;SAY;I have storm power for 30 seconds!
Hodir: You lose Storm Power (signifying people with the buff do need to run to you)
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_REMOVED;;;Storm Power;self;SAY;I lost storm power.
General Vezax: Shadow Crash hits someone
    /tjh rule SPELL_DAMAGE;Vezax;;Shadow Crash;raid;RAID;Shadow Crash hit *target.
Yogg-Saron (P1): Shadow Nova hits Sara
    /tjh rule SPELL_DAMAGE;;Sara;Shadow Nova;;RAID;Nova hit Sara.
Yogg-Saron (P2): Fear passed between characters
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Malady;raid;RAID;*source passes fear to *target.
Algalon's Phase Punch stacks
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Phase Punch;;RAID;
Algalon's Phase Punch fades
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_REMOVED;;;Phase Punch;;RAID;Phase Punch falls off *target.
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Postby moduspwnens » Tue Jul 15, 2008 4:55 pm

T9 raids will probably go here.
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Postby moduspwnens » Tue Jul 15, 2008 4:55 pm


Enemy begins casting Mana Burn:
    /tjh rule SPELL_CAST_START;;;Mana Burn;enemy;YELL;Mana burns incoming!
You are counterspelled while casting:
    /tjh rule INTERRUPT;;PlayerName;Counterspell;;YELL;Silenced for 6 seconds!
You are Cycloned:
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Cyclone;;YELL;Cycloned.
You are Sheeped:
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Polymorph;;YELL;Sheeped.
You are Sapped:
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Sap;;YELL;Sapped.
You are in a Freezing Trap:
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Freezing Trap;;YELL;Frozen.


You gain/lose Shield Wall.
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Shield Wall;self;YELL;Shield Wall is up!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_REMOVED;;;Shield Wall;self;YELL;Shield Wall is over.
You gain/lose Last Stand.
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Last Stand;self;YELL;Last Stand active!
    /tjh rule SPELL_AURA_REMOVED;;;Last Stand;self;YELL;Last Stand faded!

Feel free to post your own rules below, and I'll add them above! Once I get my warrior into some T5 content, I'll be filling in some of those blanks.
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Postby fuzzygeek » Tue Jul 15, 2008 5:33 pm

This is pretty nifty, and beats yelling over vent. Thank you.
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Postby guillex » Tue Jul 15, 2008 7:30 pm


You are, by far, the man.
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Postby Worldie » Tue Jul 15, 2008 8:15 pm

Modus you are my new idol.
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Postby Dunkan » Tue Jul 15, 2008 8:55 pm

This looks great!

Are any of those rules available automatically?

Is it ACE based?
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Postby moduspwnens » Tue Jul 15, 2008 9:03 pm

Dunkan wrote:This looks great!

Are any of those rules available automatically?

Is it ACE based?

No, they aren't. You'll have to copy them from this page, as this is a more tank/raid-leader based set. I'm not the developer, but I have been following its development and offering feedback to the author almost since its inception.

No. I'll see if I can bug him to get it on the WoWAceUpdater. I don't know how Chloe did it with Tankadin, or if it was tough.

Also, I may add a PvP section later.
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Postby link » Tue Jul 15, 2008 10:05 pm

Pretty nifty.

A corrosion rule for Felymst will be the following correct?

/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Corrosion;;RAID;Corrosion!
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Postby moduspwnens » Tue Jul 15, 2008 10:20 pm

link wrote:Pretty nifty.

A corrosion rule for Felymst will be the following correct?

/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Corrosion;;RAID;Corrosion!

Yep! I'll add that on. It's probably better to leave PlayerName out, though, since Corrosion is generally only on the person tanking anyway, and that will make it work regardless of tank.
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Postby link » Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:11 am

ah ic.
Beginning to understand more.

update: Something for my beloved MPW. :D

/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Time's Favor;self;SAY;Pocket Watch is used!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_REMOVED;;;Time's Favor;self;SAY;Dodge buff is OVER!
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Postby Syrcla » Wed Jul 16, 2008 1:29 am

THAT just happened?

First thing I thought of was "shake and bake" :)

Looks like a wonderful mod though. I will def be checking this out when I get home.
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