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<A><PVE><US> 4/5 4/9 Replace me

Postby elson » Thu Jun 05, 2008 1:04 pm

Hi, I will soon be leaving my current guild as I have found that over the course of the last six months that I simply desire more from the game then the majority of my guild does. As a result I am left with the choice of pushing people harder then they want to be (which is a bad idea, especially when you're friends with them) or finding a guild environment where people are closer to the same page I am on.

<Torn Empire> of Durotan server is a casual raiding guild full of good people to be around. Even with a more laid back approach to raiding then you will find in many guilds they have still managed to progress to 4/5 hyjal, and 4/9 BT. They do want to progress, and and do make efforts along those lines, but it is not top priority.

The role I have fulfilled in my time there has been primarily add/trash tanking. There has been some talk about more paladin main tanking among the officers but that has not been finalized yet. If you will not be content with being primarily on trash/add tanking duties I am warning you ahead of time that there is a good chance that is what you will be expected to do.

They have another tankadin, so you will not be getting into every raid. While there is a rotation among the tanks, it is not a predictable one, so some weeks you may raid 1 or 2 days a week, and other weeks if you were available you might raid 4. They do have a waitlist policy that awards some dkp even if you are on an alt or farming etc as long as you have all your needed stuff ready to go and are available at a moments notice though.

Having tier 5+ or badge gear is pretty much a must, as the level of threat and ability to take damage requirements of MH/BT do require that level of gear. While this is not a min/max guild, I would personally appreciate it if you know the mechanics of the tankadin, and if you know how to gear yourself appropriately for different situations. You are being asked to replace me, and I have gone to great lengths to be the best tank I can be.

Having a decent heal set and knowing how to heal as protection is a plus. Having around 230 fire resist with aura is a plus for infernals on anatheron. It is also recommended that you have mats (besides hearts) or are working on them for shadow resist gear, although we are not yet on MS.

Here is a couple links to the guild charter, info, etc if you would like further information. You will have to register with the site in order to apply I believe. Our webmaster is pretty good about that stuff so I don't think you will have to wait long.

http://tornempire.com/chat/rules.php : Guild rules

http://tornempire.com/chat/charter.php : Guild charter

http://tornempire.com/chat/index.php?board=5.0 : Application section

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