[H] US PVP 3/6 SWP - Late Night - Recruiting Holy/Prot

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[H] US PVP 3/6 SWP - Late Night - Recruiting Holy/Prot

Postby Rorshach » Tue May 27, 2008 6:52 pm

Do you want to raid late?
Do you want to do it successfully?
Do you want to play with other players who are not going to expect you to carry them or who do not plain suck so that you have to carry them?
Are you geared or worth gearing and want to be a part of a great guild with 0 drama that just wants to kill shit?

All the questions are the same as always. Encore has a good reputation and we kill shit. We PvP when we can, we run ZA for bears every reset and we just generally try to have fun.

We have been farming Illidan for only 3 months so while we are relatively young compared to some guilds around we are now also 3/6 in Sunwell, soon to be 4/6.

We do not raid more than 4 hours a night unless there is a special occasion. We tend to try to stick to raid end unless special circumstances arise and the raid wants to keep going.
We still farm our BT/MH gear almost every week and we raid Sunwell 3-5 nights per week.
We do not leave contributing guild members behind.

What we are looking for..........

1 Holy Paladin who also has a very decent set of Prot gear to take my place on a semi-regular basis. We would prefer someone who has some T6 already as we only sometimes run Hyjal and sometimes miss even BT to progress through Sunwell.

We are also looking for:
1 Holy Priest
1 Resto Shaman

We are not under any circumstances looking to teach you how to raid nor are we looking to gear up someone who is in T5 or less. If you bought your character off of some site and have never stepped foot in a 25 man we will know. We need pro players that want to log in and raid. If you are the kind of person that logs in on time and contributes every single raid you could find yourself a primary invite very quickly.

Most recruitment posts say something like... "even though your class is not listed here exceptional applications are still welcome"... this is true but our tanking and dps core are exceptional and always log in so the chances of a new DPS'er seeing any seat time at all are low.

Our raid schedule is the following on Central Standard Time:
Tues - 10pm-2am
Wed - 10pm-2am
Fri - Off/10man/Arena/Guild PVP
Sat - Off/10man/Arena/Guild PVP
Sun - 10pm-2am
Mon- 10pm-2am

www.encoreraiding.com to check us out.

Feel free to contact any guild member online if you want to learn more about us. Our officers include:
Zenge, Hugmonstar, Negativ, Digitalkill, Iaccus, Bittersweets, Devourment, Deathsfinger, Rorshach, Uhuhfaster

Thank you for your time.
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Postby Rorshach » Fri May 30, 2008 11:42 am

Bump. Felmyst down!
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Postby Splug » Fri May 30, 2008 2:42 pm

For whatever it's worth - Rorshach and the other guys I've met from Encore are great people, and if their late night schedule fits for anyone in the market for a guild, I would highly recommend taking a look into Encore.

(Also, grats on Felmyst guys!)

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