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(A)EU-Alonsus PvE MH5/5 BT9/9 Seeking Prot & Retri Palas

Looking for Paladin? Looking for guild? Post here.

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(A)EU-Alonsus PvE MH5/5 BT9/9 Seeking Prot & Retri Palas

Postby Maldina » Sun May 25, 2008 3:50 am

Qui Vive EU-Aloonsus PvE looking for
1 x Protection paladin
1 x Retribution Paladin
Raiding time 19:40/20:00 to 23:30 GMT+1 Saturday to Thursday.

Now the long version:
Qui Vive is a small guild on EU-Alonsus currently have 60 accounts in the guild consists of 25 active players, 10 semi casual raiders as well as around 25 friends and family of guild members.
We are a PvE oriented guild, we don't mind people doing some casual PvP, however choosing PvP over raiding will not be tolerated.

We are still focusing on MH and BT gearing all raiders up to get ready for SWP.
We have 6 raiding days, Friday is the only off day we have.
Typically we spend 3 nights in BT and 1 night in MH, 2 nights either in SWP killing trashes and watching our tanks die at Kelagos or doing alts PuG in SSC & TK.
Raiding time GMT+1 : 19:40 raid invite starts, pulling first mob at 20:00 and raid ends 23:30.

We are looking for 20+ years old players with mature attitude toward raiding and guild life with good understanding of their classes, why 20+ you may ask, that's because we have parents pulling Internet connection or computer power plug half way into the raid for way too many times.

Currently we have spots for:
1 x Protection paladin, having 2 parts of T6 and FR gears for OTing at Illidan will be a very big plus as well as having good Holy or Retri gears, 17k unbuffed HP is a must as well as the usual uncrushable and uncritable stats.
1 x Retribution paladin with 1.9k AP and 25+% crit, 1k+ raid dps without Wind Fury totem, again, having 2 x T6 and SR gears for Mother Shahraz will be a very big plus in this case.

Now here is the bad part,
In BT and MH we use DKP bidding system for gears, for SWP we use fixed pricing dkp system, people have the highest SWP dkp will get the item for main spec and /roll if they have same amout of SWP dkp.
We currently have 2 to 3 warlocks, 5 to 7 priests and 2 to 4 paladins in every raid, so you can imaging what the T6 tokens bidding are like in our guild, therefore we will not be able to gear you up very soon.

If after reading all my mumbo-jumbo still doesn't out you off, please apply to us from
Joining Us
or finding more information about us from
Web Site
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