[A] [US/O-PVP] Tankadin LF T6 guild.

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[A] [US/O-PVP] Tankadin LF T6 guild.

Postby Defrag » Wed May 14, 2008 7:53 pm

I am currently looking for a guild raiding US or oceanic timezones, I prefer a guild that is currently in T6 raids as my gear level suits. I would like to raid minimum of 4 days per week but am willing to join a guild that raids 3.

I have cleared both Black Temple and Mount Hyjal on two characters, I have a lot of experience and consider myself to be very skilled at my class. I know all the fights.

The guild that will acquire me will; be looking for a full time protection paladin for all of their raids, be reasonably progressed in T6 (something like 5/9 4/5 or better), will have no idiot control freak officers that try and boss people around for no particular reason especially when the person is more than capable of playing unguided.

If youre interested please post here or send me a PM via these boards and we shall discuss it further.

My base stats:
26+% DODGE
15+% PARRY
20+% BLOCK

I have 108% avoidance so am uncrushable, passively uncrittable, I have a full SR set, I dont have a full FR set yet, I do however have plenty of badges to get all the badge reward FR epix and can craft/farm other items easily enough, I have a full holy set, I often heal boss fights im not needed for as prot, specced holy its.. nearly 2200+heal I will not be speccing holy however.

Link to my armory

My transfer is available, I am willing to xfer to any realm, of course I am limited to PVP realms.
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Postby Walker » Fri May 23, 2008 12:10 am

theguildpure.com i know we are still looking for a prot paladin.

Raiding 5-6 nights a week 7 pm pst-11pm/12pm

5/5 9/9 4/6

Ohh and pvp can xfer to Pve last i checked, just cant do it in the oppisite (pve-pvp)
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