[A] Eclipse Recruiting Protadin - PVE, EST, 5/5 MH, 7/9 BT

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[A] Eclipse Recruiting Protadin - PVE, EST, 5/5 MH, 7/9 BT

Postby Jasura » Fri May 09, 2008 3:39 pm

A little bit about Eclipse:

Eclipse is an alliance raiding guild that focuses on PVE but has a strong belief in having a drama-free fun experience while experiencing end-game content. We raid from 7:00PM - 11:00PM Server time, Sunday through Thursday. We are on the eastern time zone server Gilneas.

We are currently at 5/5 Mount Hyjal, 7/9 Black Temple, ZA Timed run complete.

We run a DKP-based loot system that rewards members for showing up and contributing to the guild.

We are in need of a Protection Paladin. I am currently our guild's only protection paladin and we are in need of another.

I am going to be extremely picky about the level of quality on the paladin tank. I have MT'd pretty much everything in every BC instance (Except Sunwell Of course) that a paladin tank possibly could during progression because of issues that came up with our warrior MT's. As such, I am intimately familiar with the capabilities of a protection paladin and except no less than somebody giving it 110% and knowing their class to the fullest.

This is not a recruitment post for a pally to stand there and spam consecrate during Hyjal trash waves then spec back to holy for BT. If you are accepted as a member, you will be a full-time tank and barring any huge lack of healers, you will be prot full-time. Please do not apply unless you know you can perform.

100% attendance is desired and more than 80% is a must. Your character must be geared with late Tier 5/Early T6 level gear or higher (And/or new badge reward gear). If you have any questions about whether your gear level qualifies, ask us. We can easily help people get better gear but we can't so easily help them become skilled at playing their class. As such, you must know your class in and out and be able to push yourself to the limits.

If you think you got what it takes, fill out an application on our website: http://www.eclipsegilneas.com/forums

After you register on the site, please send me a whisper in game and I will approve your registration at which point you can apply. Thanks and good luck!
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Postby Oranniv » Wed May 28, 2008 12:21 am

Are you still looking?
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