[H][US][PVE] - Tankadin LF Guild (Early Raid Times needed)

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[H][US][PVE] - Tankadin LF Guild (Early Raid Times needed)

Postby blessyou » Tue May 06, 2008 1:13 am

***These are my approximate stats -- I'll update with exacts when I get home from work today***

Character Name - Treytør
Current Server - [US] Duskwood PVE
Build - Protection(0/48/13)
Professions - Engineering 365, Mining 375
Unbuffed Defensive Basics -
Uncrittable / Uncrushable
Health - 15000
Armor - 17000
Defense - 490
Dodge - 23%
Parry - 16%
Block - 21%

I believe armory shows me in healing gear at the moment. However, my gear is Kara/ZA/Badge gear. More than ready to step into T5 content.
Email - james.osment@us.af.mil

I also have a full set of healing/retribution gear.

Holy: (mostly kara gear and a few badge items)
1600 +heal / 10k mana

Ret: (mix of pvp/pve gear)
1600 AP / 26% crit

BC Reputation Status:
Cenarion Expedition - Exalted
Lower City - Revered
Scryers - Exalted
The Shat'ar - Exalted
Thrallmar - Exalted
Shatari Skyguard - Exalted
Consortium - Revered

BC Raid Experience:
Kara - Clear
ZA - 3/6
Gruul - Clear
Magtheridon - Clear

Time Played: 40 days (24 days at level 70)

Currently an officer in Resurgence and in excellent standing.

Raid Times Preferred: 1200-1800 EST

About me: I'm 25 years old and serving in the Air Force in Germany. My time zone is 6 hours ahead of EST, hence why I'm looking for very early raid times.

I'm a very laid back, goofy type and love joking around. However, I take tanking and leadership very seriously. I know the ins-and-outs of every encounter I've ever tanked.

I've been a full time member and officer of Resurgence for 7 months. However, the other officers (who are also close friends) have recently quit the game.

I'm now looking for a new home with earlier raid times to better accomodate my schedule.

WoW History: I've been playing since May '05. My main prior to BC was a 60 Enhancement Shaman. Due to my play time, I mostly PVP'd and jumped in the occasional 5-man. I later joined an MC/ZG guild, however rarely made raids, again due to play time.

After the release of The Burning Crusade and leveling my Shaman to 70, I decided to make a Paladin twink to annoy the living shit out of the Alliance like they had done to me for the past year and a half!!

The twink was so much fun, I decided to actually level a Paladin to 70. The original plan was to be a beastly pvp healer, but after trying out Prot at 63, I was hooked!
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