[A] PVE Paladin Prot/Holy LFG Hyjal/BT

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[A] PVE Paladin Prot/Holy LFG Hyjal/BT

Postby Gratus » Mon May 05, 2008 12:11 pm

Sadness – 70 Paladin – Shu'halo (PvE)

What I’m Looking For
Hello there;
I am currently looking for a highly skilled raiding guild, that raids two to three times a week. Although I live on the East coast I do work out of New Zealand for various portions of the year so raid times don't concern me I show up when you raid. I am looking to fill a tanking and/or healing (Preference on tanking) slot but do not mind speccing into retribution when the guild is short on dps but my gear for DPS is less then stellar.

I am looking for a different guild due to the fact that the guild I transferred to on Shu'halo has changed drastically over the past few weeks after a good friend and left the game due to real life issues. The GM of the guild I was in changed the old rules up an had horrible, guild policies, recruitment, DKP policies, our website even have changed and it is not the guild I have been a part of since I joined. I was relieved of my officer position, without being talked to after having computer and real life issues for the last month or so, despite showing up on nights that I could make. I would think I deserve a little better than that after 6 months raiding with them. Although most of them are nice people whom I respect and have friendships with, I have lost interest in the guild and believe I need a change of environment to rekindle my interest and love for raiding.

If this does not sound like you, you may stop reading here and find help elsewhere.

About Me and My Character

Raid Experience:
MC – Cleared
Kara/ZA – Cleared (as prot and holy)
BWL – Cleared Gruul – Cleared (as prot and holy)
AQ 40 – Cleared SSC – Cleared (as prot and holy)
Naxx – Clearing on Alt now
TK – Cleared (as prot 3/4 full clear holy)
Hyjal – 5/6 (as prot and holy)
BT - 8/9 (as holy)
Sunwell - None

*I have started working on my Shadow Resistance Gear and have Neck/Back/Bracers
*I have full mixed resistance set for Hydross
*Can make a fire resistance set in the near future (working on badges)

I have healed, Off/Main-tanked most, if not all of the instances listed above both before the expansion and after the expansion. I am comfortable filling in any slot for a raid, however I am currently looking for a tanking position. (I have not raid healed since January)

Due to the fact that there is a possible I will be transferring servers to join the guild that I see fit, I do hope that a raid spot is open for me but I will consider a reduced roll depending on guild progress. I do realzie that new people (transfers or not) will have to prove themselves among the raiders and officers before becoming part of the family.

My character has sets for each spec, although my main priority is based on Prot. My healing set is full of T5/Hyjal/BT loot.

Character Stats:
Basic Stats

In Healing Gear:
2100 +Healing
11000+ Mana
150+ Mana/5 While Casting

In Prot Gear
16100+ HP
510 Defense
17900+ Armor

I believe that is all I have for now; feel free to post here or contact me on Shu'halo via level one alt and we can chat. (or on Cho'gall PvP Horde on my alt Piggeoto) or PM me
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Postby Hankthetank » Mon May 05, 2008 1:02 pm

I posted on your o-board thread, but here's our info again!

http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/ ... php?t=8868
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