H-PVP-EU. Voidreaver/Winterchill down after 3rd guildraid

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H-PVP-EU. Voidreaver/Winterchill down after 3rd guildraid

Postby Eldaria » Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:00 am

Server: Neptulon (h-eu-pvp) Guild: Paradigma url: http://www.paradigma.ws/

Short description:

We are recruiting one pure Holy Pala and one who can switch between Holy and Retri as needed,

Raid schedule Sun 17.15, Mon-Thu 18.45 - 23.30h CET

The guild leadership got experience up and including illidan, we rerolled 3 months ago from alliance to horde - meaning we expect very quick progress.

Gear is a non issue as we will be running heroics, kz and za for the next few weeks still very often.

For more detailled information please check visit our recruitment forum @ http://www.paradigma.ws/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=5

Long advertisement:

The guild <Paradigma> on the Neptulon PVP realm is recruiting for 25 man raids.

Our main goal is to kill Illidan within 3 months, starting from scratch. And if then there is still time before wotlk, we will further advance into Sunwell.
We have a very experienced leadership that is familar with all pre Sunwell content.

For this purpose we are looking for people that can move out of fire. Even if it is blue. Or green stuff on the ground. We are of the firm believe that reliably being able to move out of fire is more important than any gear.
That's right, we are recruiting blue geared people, as long as you can move out of fire.

Now, if you are interested, here is some more detailed information about <Paradigma> and what we expect from possible recruits; or visit right away our homepage at http://www.paradigma.ws/

About us:

- We are mainly a PvE raid guild on the Neptulun UK server. We raid a lot, and if you are online at raid time, you are expected to attend the raid. We like challenges, and don't give up till the job is done, even if it hurts.

- Raid invites are at 18.45h CET, raid starts at 19h monday - thursday. On sundays we start earier: 17:15h invites, 17:30h raid start.
The raids end on all days between 23-23.30h.

- Raids are being lead via Teamspeak and are serious business. That means as few afks as possible, quick buffing and pulling on trash and on bosses.

- Our leadership is experienced and got first hand experience on all raid content, with the exception of the just released Sunwell. Meaning we expect quick progress.
*Short term goal: Farming KZ and ZA until we have enough people for 25 mans. Then we will kill advance quickly over Gruul/Mag to SSC/TK and Hyjal. Lots of Heroics in the spare time for badges.
*Medium term goal: Around 4-6 weeks after we have started 25 mans we expect to be able to have killed both Vashj and Kael and start to have serious progress in BT and close on Archimonde in Hyjal.
*Long term goal: Kill Illidan in BT and advance to Sunwell

- We do plan to have a tight roster of around 35 people, meaning every single raider is important and expected to have an attendance of 80%+. This means ideally nobody has to sit out twice in a row.

- No drama! We don't like drama, especially not in-guild drama. If you are a drama queen, don't apply.

- Respect for your fellow guild members is a must. You don't have to like every single one, but you have to respect everyone.

- Fun. We play the game to have fun. Do you?

What do we expect from you?

- Be mature in language and behaviour. Be respectful to all people in the guild and outside. Ability to understand and write english.

- Be able to move out of fire. Even if it is blue.

- Be reliable and available for at least 80% of our raid days on average. As a reminder, mon-thu: 18.45h-23.30h. sun: 17.15-23.30h CET

- Monster motivation! Our members are willing to beat their heads all night against a wall till it bleeds and won't stop till loot falls out. Do you feel the same?

- Being able to use and listen to TeamSpeak. Speaking is a nice pro, but you HAVE to be able to listen to raidleaders during raids

- Having a 'basic raid' gear is a must. We don't expect you to have full "epics" but your gear has to be good enough to be able to raid TK/SSC with us. We will be running Karazhan and Zul Aman quite frequently at the beginning, so it is no problem if you still need some uprades from there. Chosing the proper enchants and gems for your gear gives us a first impression about the knowledge of your class role and the effort you put into your character.
Short: Have at least good pve blues or s1 epics, better kara epics. But skill > gear.

- Know your class at a basic level and be willing to take criticism and learn.

- A computer and connection that can handle raidingsituations.

- Be able to use consumables (food, flasks, pots and weapon enhancements) when called by the raid leader.

- And last but not least, be friendly, mature and ftlog no dramaqueen or whiner. Only our veterans are allowed to be so.

If you are still interested, please go to http://www.paradigma.ws/ and hit our recruitment board. Also feel free to contact any of the following officers ingame: Yoanna, Kaeltank or Miserys
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Postby Eldaria » Wed May 07, 2008 5:05 pm

Update: We have started 25 mans and just killed Rage Winterchill on our 3rd guild raid ever, so we are a 1/5 Hyjal guild now, yay!
Though we *still* need to bring pugs everytime since we simply lack decent recruits.

So if you got a horde character on a pvp realm you want to raid with, perhaps youre fed up with unqualified leadership or slow and boring raids, or simply slow progress - then you should check out www.paradigma.ws

We are raiding with 1 prot and 1 holy pala so far, so we definitely need a 3rd.
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