US-Quel'Dorei - Horde Guild-Need tanks (Kara+hero/CST/PvE)

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US-Quel'Dorei - Horde Guild-Need tanks (Kara+hero/CST/PvE)

Postby Wyleai » Sun Apr 20, 2008 2:08 am

Grannys Hoarded Cookies needs tanks.

You may or may not have seen me posting in the forums here as I level a new prot paladin. I can be vocal so my posts have been all over the place.

I am also a long time guild leader of a mostly casual guild on the Quel'Dorei server. Being mostly casual, we're smallish in size and have been doing Kara and instances (regular and heroic).

Our primary raiding main tank is out for the count taking care of some serious 'real life' business in well, his business. His backup desires a more hardcore raiding focused guild, doing 25-mans.

That's left us with a vacuum that needs to be filled. This is a chance to get into an established casual / semi-raid adult aged guild in a high profile position right from the get go.

I'm working up to being a tank, but at level 62 I am not there.

If you're on this server, or you're looking to jump server, I'd like you to give us some thought. And I can in no uncertain terms assure you that a tankadin won't be sidelined with us.

Here's what I can tell you about us:

Server Name: Quel'Dorei
Server Time Zone: CST
PVE Server
We were raiding Tuesday - Thursday, sometimes a little more, and heroic running otherwise. Starting 8:30pm server time (CST) [so that PST members could join after getting home from work].

We'd like to get several people who can main tank, we need at least one. We've got everything else for almost two 10-person raid groups.

What we need is someone who can:
  • Make a commitment to weeknight raiding
  • Be ready and desire to raid at kara level. We've downed Aran once, everything before him a number of times. We are at a stage where even a fresh 70 with good competence and the right attitude could be quickly geared to fill this role.
  • Of adult age.
  • Have a positive social attitude and enjoy contributing to guild chat.
  • Enjoy grouping with the casuals and others when around outside of raid times.

What we can offer:
  • Historically we've been healer heavy, so we have a lot of healers who I at least believe know how to do their job very well.
  • We are noted for being low on drama. Its one of the things we're known for.
  • We have a strong sense of fairness and fair play. You won't get abused and you won't get sidelined.
  • We respect personality, and we respect performance. If you tell us who can tank it, we'll give you the opportunity to do so.

So if you're fresh to the scene, and/or getting frustrated where you are at being sidelined, or in a guild too far progressed to concern themselves with you, then we might be the place to consider.

We -are- full of a lot of casuals that just play to enjoy the game. Not every member raids and we don't demand specs and times out of our members (baring that for a main tank, we need someone ready to weeknight raid).

We are also adult only. This isn't about maturity, but an aspect of being highly concerned with the social dynamic, and in that comes a desire to have people who can be on the same page with out of game life experiences. Members range in age from 18 to late 50s. I myself am 37.

To date our raiding loot system has used the master looter and looking at who can get the best upgrade for the guild as a whole out of taking the given drop. And for those who want speedy assignment and moving to the next pull, this does mean that we do tend to stop and discuss after a boss kill. In time we might move to a DKP system, but at the moment our focus has been getting everyone geared.

The guild is over a year old, and has survived for some time.

Where I do have to concede that over the next few days you might see some crisis commentary over the loss of our backup MT. I've only just read his quiting post before coming here. Posted at what for me is 2am, most of the members won't have seen this until morning, and I suspect tomorrow I'll be managing fallout. This came right as we were positioning him to fill the shoes of the first MT who is on a couple months sabbatical handling crops for his farm.

If you're on server, I can have you main-tanking in Kara probably by Tuesday. I've got an offtank warrior ready to go, one who wants an off-tank spot rather than main tank. And if I manage to keep him through this crisis, a single MT addition will have us back to regular raiding. More than one MT recruit will put things in an even better spot.

If you're off server, drop on by with a level 1 and engage me in a conversation.

You can find me on 'Wyleai' or 'Malai' (or alts 'Jyotai' and 'Zenyai' - but these are only used for storage).

Our website:

Our armory profile: ... %20Cookies

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