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[H-EU-PVP] MH[3/5] - Late Night | <The Phalanx>

Postby Babineaux » Sat Mar 29, 2008 4:37 am

On behalf of my dear guild mates, officers and guild leaders, it is my plesure to "announce" that The Phalanx is recruiting..

About The Phalanx

First of all The Phalanx are a horde Late Night guild. We are starting the raids at 22.15 game time, and end from 01.00 - 02.00, Monday, Tuesday, Wednsday and Thursday. Karazhan and Zul'Aman are scheduled in weekends. We are playing one the european PvP realm, Bloodfeather..

We have recently cleared both SSC and TK, and are now ready to set our first footsteps inside MH, and later BT.
Edit: We are now [3/5] in MH.. Second time we are here..

Alts are allowed in the guild, and will carry the title Alt.
Mates, girl freinds, boy freinds, family members, what so ever are allowed aswell, and will carry the title Socialite.

The Phalanx do ofc have some certaint rules and needs, that you have to follow. They can all be read here: http://www.phalanx-wow.com/theforum/vie ... ?f=11&t=23
We are using Teamspeak to communicate, so you better start download it now :D - we are using signup system, which is a big part of our pre-raid setup. We must say that you HAVE to use it to either signup or signoff..

What we expect of you:
- To be extreamly well know about your class and your ablities (skills>gear)
- That you are mature, and respect others in the guild, just as much as they will respect you
- That you can attent to the moste of our raids
- That you come prepared to the raid, with tactics studyed, consumeable bought, 100% focus and enought patient.
- Gear above Karazhan level.
- Reliable internet connection
- Your gear and spec must be PvE suitable. Your gear need to be enchanted and gemmed..
- That you understand and write well english.
- That you can recieve criticism, with out moaning
- That you have some sence of humor, elles it will be borring for you in The Phalanx.. xD

We will offer you
- A spot in a guild that are doing MH/BT
- Many new freinds, from all over the world
- Heroics, PvP ect. when not raiding
- A guild that knows that there are more in life than wow o_O

We especially need following:
- 1 x Protection Paladin
- 2 x Holy Paladin
- 1 x Resto Druid
- 1 x Holy Priest
- 1 x Shadow Priest
- 2 x Resto Shaman
- 1 x Feral Druid

But i would say that we are not compleatly full on any classes.. So you are more than welcome to apply even if your not one of the above..

I hope you enjoyed my little post, I hope you make an application, and we are looking forward to meet you.. Should you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us ingame, here or on forum
You can apply on our homepage: http://www.phalanx-wow.com/

Your Faithfull
Babineaux, on behalf of The Phalanx
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Postby Babineaux » Wed Apr 02, 2008 4:00 am

not a single one?
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