[A-PvE] Tankadin LF Raiding Guild

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[A-PvE] Tankadin LF Raiding Guild

Postby Michael J. Tritter » Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:31 pm

Looking for a good and consistent raiding guild that needs a Tankadin.

I can transfer my character to any PvE server, since this character was created on one.

I am currently 22 years old, I currently am in college and working on my bachelors. I live in Central NY, which puts me in the EST time zone, however, I'm fine with PST and other EST servers - I am currently on a PST Server.

I am currently on the Mok'Nathal server, which is kind of sucky for raiding on a regular basis, been having a hard time getting enough guildies for the earlier Kara run that I can make, I can't do the late run that starts at midnight my time... Bah.

I currently have a level 70 Draenei Protection Paladin, I've tanked roughly halfway through Kara and done a good number of heroics in my time.

My goal is to find a guild that could use a tank of my gear level and to find a guild that is progressing through 10 mans towards 25 mans and beyond, I am a serious raider and look for a guild that is the same way, but they must also know how to have fun.

But there is one thing I expect from a guild: Let me tank, I am not a healer. Also, if I am consistently around for raids, I will not take kindly to being replaced with people who do not show up for raids.

I also am ok with taking a new guild through Kara and helping them get geared up. I have been a raid leader, so I am familiar with that if needed.

My armory link is: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... l&n=Norius

I am reachable through the following means.

AIM: Flaadhun
YIM: MichaelJTritter@yahoo.com
E-Mail: MichaelJTritter@yahoo.com

Thank you,

I'm not looking for sincerity, I'm looking for humiliation
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