LF - Pallytank - Aman'thul

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LF - Pallytank - Aman'thul

Postby Lalecize » Wed Feb 20, 2008 6:51 pm

Knights of the Horde is a new guild (4 weeks old) on Aman'Thul - US Oceanic - PvE server.
Im the maintank for the Group1 Raiding group. We have just cleared Kara.

We have 2 Raid teams and are looking at making a 3rd to head into the 25 man content. We are short 2 Tanks and a Healer however.

The guildies naturally love prot pallys, and I've been put in charge of finding another one.

Aman'Thul is a PvE oceanic server, and most stuff is done on Australian/New Zealand time.

We are looking for any gear level, however we would prefer you to be at least kara ready.

We will be running Kara until we are all geared, then moving onto the higher stuff.

IF anyone's keen let me know or apply on

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