A-pve - Hardcore skilled Paladin LFG

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A-pve - Hardcore skilled Paladin LFG

Postby zixa » Wed Feb 20, 2008 10:55 am

I am looking to heal. Although I have a nice prot set nearly all t5 ilvl if thats the only opening in a good guild.

Er I guess Ill tell a little about my experience. Pre expansion I raided up through about half of Naxx. In the expansion I have experience with all of ssc and tk, and I have religiously studied the rest of the encounters in the game and am a fast learner. I have the vashj vial only. No BT/Hyjal yet due to the series of bad guilds I always seem to find myself in.

I have been an endgame player in mmo's for about 10 years now. Im prolly on wow about 10 hours a day, I would have 100% raid attendance. Id say Im very skilled with fast reaction times. I have raid leading experience up through ssc/tk. Im a min/maxer, spend a ton of time on theorycrafting forums like elitist jerks. I know how to gear/enchant/gem and I plan in advance, I dont bid on something because its purple. I come to raids with no less than a few hundred gold worth of consumables.

Im basically a very hardcore gamer with a string of bad luck in guilds in the expansion so far. Every guild I join is just about the same thing-a good 10 maybe 15 players carrying a bunch of dead weight that never gets replaced or motivated to improve their game play. The guild I recently left has about 9 officers, 7 of which are among the worst players in the guild. Nobody in this guild is motivated to get any better at the game, nobody is recruited, nobody is replaced. I want to be in a guild where the other 24 people are skilled as hell too and bad players are at least replaced in raids if not the guild.

My armory is http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/ch...tem&n=Zergling

I guess get back to me if theres an opening. I love healing and am applying as a healer. In my current guild its me and 2 other healers carrying the entire load of the healing, the rest of the healers in the guild are pretty terrible. All I can say about my healing is that my assigned targets dont die, I can blow everyone away on healing meters if I want to, I have high HPS and dont run myself out of mana, and spend a ton of time with theorycrafting and spreadsheets and whatnot.

Raid mods I use are grid, clique, ora2, dbm, omen, quartz w/stopcasting macros and other misc. stuff. I can put ss of my UI if needed.

My tanking set is nearly all t5 ilvl gear, along with full epic FR set. Id be down to do some tanking if thats needed. I dont have any ret gear or any interest in ever going ret, although I will probably go ret just to level from 70-80.

If accepted Id be down to transfer over in about 2 weeks when I get paid. My connection is fine, I rarely DC for any reason. Comp is fine, FPS is a bit low but Ill be doing some upgrading when my tax return comes in.

Alrighty well anyways hit me up if theres any openings
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Postby CowlyPaladin » Thu Feb 21, 2008 8:15 pm

well pop an application and contact us on this, we are looking for a prot pally (or healer) on proudmoore realm. currently on morogrim @ 15%. we are a new guild, while a number in guild r pretty experience on ssc/tk hence we are rated as 3/6 ssc 2/4 tk on wowjutsu.

website is at http://wowaoe.guildomatic.com
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Postby Diocaska » Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:06 am

Okay, I'm probably being stupid, and armory being down isn't helping me.

But this is US right?
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Postby Gratus » Thu Feb 28, 2008 1:06 pm

PM me and I'd love to chat! Highly interested Shu'Halo Alliance (PVE)
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Postby zixa » Sat Mar 01, 2008 9:53 pm

Hey all sorry I havnt popped on to these forums in a few days, but Im still LFG. Yes this is US
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Postby Arianne » Mon Mar 03, 2008 4:23 pm

Hey there Zergling, we're looking for a Holy pally like yourself. You don't mention what time zone you're looking for so I'll post a bit about us. The Inner Light is a PST PVE raiding guild on Lightbringer (an opening day server with many BT guilds). We raid 8pm PST to 11 pm PST Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. We're 3/9 BT and 3/9 MH and looking for a good steady holy pally to add to the roster. We'd be willing to get you a Kael vial if you are willing to commit to a 75% attendance, reading strategies and coming prepared. If our times are compatible with yours, feel free to visit http://theinnerlight.info and put in an application or PM me if you have any questions.
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