Protection Paly looking for guild

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Protection Paly looking for guild

Postby vlamcer » Mon Feb 04, 2008 8:12 pm

My name is Shawn, and I'm from Ohio in the US.

I've been playing a horde protection paladin since the class became available to the faction.

I'm currently geared in badge/za/kara epics, and have main tanked up to and through gruuls.

I realize my progression level is not as high as a majority of guilds are looking for, but I can assure you I understand the mechanics of the class quite well, and can generally figure out my job in a raid within 1-2 attempts at a boss.

I am the primary raid coordinator for my guild, and am really the only reason we even began raiding. The problem I am having with the guild I'm currently in is that there is a severe lack of dedication for end game pve content. People refuse to sign up for raids, and dont show up when they have committed.

I am interested in progressing further into end game content, and was wanting to find out if there were any guilds out there that would be in search of a player such as myself.

I can raid nearly every day of the week from 6pm eastern standard time until whenever the group would like to stop. I am currently in med school, and there will be occasional days when I will have work pile up, and not be able to complete it before 6.

My character name is Vlamcer, and it is located on the Warsong PVP server. I have 15997 unbuffed hit points, 102.64% total mitigation, 16700 armor, and my spell damage stat escapes me at the moment but i believe it to be around 310.

If anyone has any questions for me you can reach me on aim, my screen name is clark1173 or you can email me or private message me on here and I should get it.
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Postby Tupperware » Wed Feb 13, 2008 11:42 am

Hey Vlamcer,

I am the guild leader of <The House> which is a 5/5 Hyjal 9/9BT guild on the Thunderhorn server (CST, PVE).

We raid 5 nights per week, sunday through thursday, 7-11 server time (CST) and we require 90% attendance, which basically means you can miss 2 raids per month.

We are looking to pick up a prot paladin as soon as possible so we can have him/her geared as well as possible when the sunwell hits.

If you are interested, look us up at
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Postby CowlyPaladin » Wed Feb 20, 2008 12:49 am

well pop an application and contact us on this, we are looking for a prot pally on proudmoore realm, new guild, atm on morogrim (15%)

website is at
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Postby Printscreen » Wed Feb 20, 2008 1:59 pm

Hey, I am leader of <Defiant> on Hakkar (USPvP). We are looking for a Prot pally to go ahead and start pushing through MH and BT. We may not be 5/5 9/9 but we can 100% guarantee you a raid spot as well as giving you the excitement of guild firsts downings of all the new bosses. You can either shoot me a message in game or apply on our forums.

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