{EU} [A - PVP] Trio Looking for New Realm/Guild

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{EU} [A - PVP] Trio Looking for New Realm/Guild

Postby Ithus » Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:16 pm

Greetings Maintankadin readers, firstly i'll write a little background into my situation.
I joined a very very good friend of mine in her new guild who were progressing well through SSC and Tempest keep, and soon after my best friend in World of warcraft joined also. I became along with the priest, a core raider and was part of the guilds downing of lady vashj a few weeks ago - the 2nd alliance guild on our realm to do so. you might be wondering what happened to the 3rd friend, a Mage. He raided and imo did a good job 99% of the time, but when things were stacked against him, he would be flamed by the raid leader and they never got on very well after that.
The 3 of us are a team, through thick and thin, and this has gone beyond a joke now, and the mage is on the verge of being removed from the guild and that will mean myself a new class leader in the guild will gquit instantly, and the priest will follow as she is sick of the way everything has panned out.

What are we looking for
So, back onto the subject; We are Looking for a guild who can accomodate on an EU PVP realm, a Protection paladin, a holy priest and a Fire mage. (Armory links Incoming)

All of us have had Experience in Serpentshrine Cavern 6/6 with both myself and The priest having Lady Vashj's Vial for MH attunement, with the mage having experience in the fight, just not being present for the kill unfortunately.
In Tempest Keep, all of us have had experience up to kael'thas which is where our guild is atm, but as its not enjoyable raiding we need to change.

Raid Times
We currently raid 4 times a week (thursday, sunday, monday tuesday) with wednesday not being compulsory but would usually clear most of SSC and some TK if its a good night.
We raided from 6pm until 10pm GMT as we're all english players.
Raid times like these would be beneficial to us, or maybe a little later but not earlier.

We all love raiding, and are always prepared. Working as a small team the 3 of us we help each other with raiding prep, enchant mats, grinding, dailies and everything.
We would like to raid in our preferred specs, I am a prot paladin through and through, but as any good hybrid i have holy gear fully enchanted and gemmed for raiding. The priest is Holy/Disc and pretty much the best healer in our current guild, and the mage is always high on dps.

The Links

These are the links for our armory.

Ithus [Paladin] - http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... st&n=Ithus

Wilber [Priest] - http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... t&n=Wilber

Starkey [Mage] - http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... &n=Starkey


Any questions from anyone feel free to post them here or contact me on Bladefist EU on Ithus or Flipside.
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