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[A PvE] Protection Paladin LFGuild

Postby Jedit » Thu Jan 31, 2008 12:53 am


My Name is Jedit and I am currently looking for SSC/TK raiding guilds that need a prot paladin

Here is some information about myself that I reapplied from another guild application

5.) How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?: Its been about a year now

6.) What is most important to you in World of Warcraft?: Being able to tank on my Paladin

7.) Play Schedule (What hours do you normally play? Please use Server (PST) Time for this response.): I work from Saturday to Monday 4pm - 10pm I have school on Tuesday - Thursday from 9am - 4pm

Character Information:

8.) Main Character (Name/Class/Level/Build) [Please provide a link to your Armory profile]: Jedit/Paladin/70/Protection 0-49-12

http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... ar&n=Jedit

9.) Has this always been your main? If not, when did you change mains, and why?: This was my first of 2 lvl 70's (my other is an Alt 70 Shadow priest)

10.) Please list the guilds you have been in recently. What prompted you to look for a new guild?: I have been in Order of the Eagles and Epic Weapon Vendors both in Khadgar

11a.) Does your current guild know you are planning on leaving?: I went back to OOE to chill with my rl friends while I look for a new guild that will use me (OOE is pretty set on not using me)

11b.) Would you mind if we contacted an officer of your current guild as a reference?: Sure I am general a good person in chat and i don't cause drama it is just obvious that I will hardly be used in raids and am looking to have some fun raiding. Tifkar is the GM

12.) When playing on your main character, what do you feel are your strengths? (Be specific and detailed): My ability to hold aggro and my high HP. I am very good at AoE tanking and run Kara doing a lot of AoE pulls. I also have a very generous amount of health sitting at around 15.9k

13.) When playing on your main character, what poses your biggest challenge? (Be specific and detailed): I have attempted to off-tank and that is not my strong point. I generally do not have much trouble with anything unless I start running out of mana. Although I guess getting silenced is my only problem but in situations with bosses that AoE silence I time my Holy Shield and Consecrate so I am not left vulnerable.

14.) Please discuss your talent spec: My build is a typical Protection Paladin Cookie-Cutter build I messed around with different build but find that this build is a solid all -around build

15.) What other classes do you have experience in (list classes that you have achieved at least level 50 on Alliance or Horde)?: I have another 70, My level 70 Shadow Priest and a lvl 40 feral druid

16.) Current Alternate Characters that you wish to have in PM (Name/Class/Level): If my Shadow Priest could be of any use I would like to get him going as well Orzhov/Priest/70
I am still getting Spellstrike gear, badge gear, and kara gear

17.) Has the account you are currently playing always been yours? If not, how did you obtain your current account?: Yes this is my actual account

Non-Raiding Information

20.) Do you enjoy PvP in World of Warcraft? Are you currently part of any arena teams (Alts or Mains)?: I like to go ret and smash faces in BG's

21.) What in-game activities, aside from raiding, do you get the most enjoyment from?: I like to clear heroics fast on my paladin lol I think i cleared Heroic Shattered Halls in 36 minutes once. I also like to PvP in BG if i can afford to respec

Raiding Information:

23a.) List your Karazhan Raid experience: Full Clear
23b.) List your 25-Man Raid experience:

Full Clear gruul: Tanked the Warlock and Priest on HKM and off-tanked gruul

TK: Tanked VR, tanked adds on solarion;;

SSC: tanked hydross adds, tanked lurker adds, tanked TW adds, Tanked Leo's Human Phase, and tanked FLK's hunter

24.) Which TBC factions are you Exalted with?: Sha'tar,Aldor,Skyguard,Ogri'la,Cenarion Expedition, Honor Hold

25.) List any Heroic Mode instances you have completed: ALL except Sethekk Halls

26.) How do you feel about Endgame Raiding? [Do you have much interest in Raiding?]:I would love to see Hyjal and Black temple content

You can contact me on Jedit or Orzhov in Khadgar or leave a message on here and I will make an alt in your server and speak with you if interested


-Jedit of Khadgar
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Postby Pizbit » Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:57 am

Jedit has cookies, true story.
aka good sort, go ninja him
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Postby CowlyPaladin » Wed Feb 20, 2008 12:48 am

well pop an application and contact us on this, we are looking for a prot pally on proudmoore realm

website is at http://wowaoe.guildomatic.com
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