[H-PVE-EU] LVL70 Tankadin seeks new home

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[H-PVE-EU] LVL70 Tankadin seeks new home

Postby Nathanniel » Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:21 pm

Hi there

Seeing as my former guild was a short lasted joy I've decided that its time to transfer server and whatever necessary to stick to my favourite playstyle AND see endgame content.

I'm currently seeking a guild that's actively doing T5 content (TK/SSC) and doing Karazhan/ZA in offhours. I'd love it if it could be a more progressed guild, but I'm aware of the level of my gear and what I can or not still do.

I haven't got neither vial for the MH attunement yet. I have experience tanking through Karazhan, SSC (Lurker down, some attempts on Morogrim), TK (VR down) and Gruul's Lair (both bosses down). I was aiming at a guild that actually needs a tank.

That said, here are my stats (unbuffed):

15593 Armor
15537 Health
497 Defense
338 Spell damage
Uncrushable, with Holy Shield on

Resistance gear:
without aura
203 Arcane Resistance
268 Fire Res.
298 Shadow Res.
229 Frost Res.
225 Nature Res.

Healing gear:
+1557 Healing
+77 mana/5secs while casting

I am able to farm for what is recquired to cover my expenses (primary professions Engineering 368, and Mining 375).

That said I should emphasize that no, I'm not willing nor am I going to respec. This is the spec I'm applying my character with. If I wanted do it with some other spec I'd have done so and respecced accordingly. I'm not interested in healing or being retribution. If you feel that you don't know quite well where a tankadin can fit, then don't try to answer to this either. It's not the first time that I've seen a large guild that doesn't know (or probably didn't care) of what to do out of a paladin tank.

If I posted my healing stats is that I'm aware that are certain moments where hybrids do the other half of whatever it is they're meant to do because tanking is not necessary. I'm not alergic to healing. I'm just not willing to do it full time :)

Thanks for your time and attention,
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