[H] Prot Pally LF SSC/TK Guild - US - PVP

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[H] Prot Pally LF SSC/TK Guild - US - PVP

Postby Ceeko » Sat Dec 29, 2007 3:36 pm

Hello everyone!

Name: Ceeko
70 Prot Pally
Horde - PVP

Timezone: EST
Times Available:
Sun: 7pm-3am
Mon-Thurs: 6pm-3am (plus random daytime)
Fri-Sat: Cannot raid, but random daytime (work/school)

Alts: 70 Mage, full epics (S1 combined with Spellfire and kara drops)

Expected Role: Tank, fill in heals for certain pulls (mostly epic healing set). My gear is up to par for SSC/TK, but not MH/BT.

Experience: RL/GL for all old-world raids (except Nax/AQ40). Full Kara (pally tank, mage), Gruul/High King (pally tank/heals, mage tank), Lurker (mage), VR(mage), ZA 4/6 (pally tank).

Bio: I'm from Buffalo NY, so I'm mainly looking for an EST guild (but could consider others). I speak english, understand a little spanish, and know a semester of gaelic. I'm a college student, a soccer referee, and I have 3 fish named Salt, Pepper, and Paprika. :wink:

In the past I've been Alliance (end-game mage, raid leader, etc), a Horde mage (still have and would bring), and now I'm a protection paladin, where I believe I've found my niche. There's nothing quite like the thrill of saving your raid from a really bad pull, and having other tanks simply gawk as they can't rip agro off of me. :twisted:

Obviously, I'm prot. I've been grinding badge gear (15-20 badges average/day) and am nearly completed with that. I have only a small number of blues remaining (though have Furies deck for the next faire, and will be replacing several blues very shortly.) I'm closing in on the 300 NR mark for my set, though it could be completed in very short time once I find a guild that actually has a use for it.

As for personal progression, my server is quite literally dieing. We've had huge numbers of raiders transfer off-server, and it's becoming very difficult to find guilds that are progressing where I personally am ready for. Thus, I'm looking for a guild off-Shadowmoon which is looking for a skilled paladin tank.

What do I expect from a guild? A chance to tank, honestly. It's become so dire on my current server, that I truly thirst for something as simple as a chance. I'm a tank, so upgrading equipment is primary to the role, but it's not the motivator for me. Progression and experience is why I play this game, and everything I do in it is geared towards bettering my character, from farming to professions to research. I'd most certainly choose a guild that is looking for a tank over one that might be able to squeeze me in once a week or less.

Armory: http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/chara ... on&n=Ceeko

Contact: ceeko.protadin@yahoo.com

or come visit me on Shadowmoon, or post here as I'm on the site daily!
Every time you tank a single target, god kills a kitten.

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