[H] Stormreaver-US (PvP) LF Prot pally.. 3/9 BT 4/5 Hyjal

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[H] Stormreaver-US (PvP) LF Prot pally.. 3/9 BT 4/5 Hyjal

Postby outlier » Fri Dec 14, 2007 1:42 am

Mistaken is currently in the market for tanks. We have up to archimonde cleared in Hyjal and naj'entus/supremus/akama cleared in BT. We plan to down archimonde and teron gorefiend within the next week or so.


You must at least have the vashj vial towards your attunement to mount hyjal.

You should have the quest chain for your BT attunement starting from the NPC after downing fathom lord. However, if you somehow never got it , but DO have you vashj vial.. you will still be considered.

If you don't have every socket and every piece of gear that CAN be enchanted/socketed equipped with the most optimal enchants/gems.. please don't apply. It's not because i'm an asshole, but one can only assume that you may not take your roll seriously enough.

Raid nights:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 7:15pm-11pm CST. If you cannot convert CST to your time.. you suck :p You are expected to be ready to go at 7:15 cst and at the summoning stone. Yes, we often get to a 10-15 minute late start, but hey maybe you can set a new on-time trend!

As you all know it is important for a tank to participate in 100% of the raids, but of course nobody can make them all. If you think you can maintain at least 85%+ attendance then we want you.

Loot is done by attendance and dkp. Attendance is valued first. If you are in a higher attendance bracket than another person.. you get the item regardless of DKP. If you are in the same attendance bracket then the person with more DKP gets the item. As a tank you shouldn't have any problems with this assuming you show up to raids.. if you aren't reliable then you are wasting your time and ours.

Please post here, PM me, or msg me on AIM as SlimShdy624 if you are interested. Don't go transferring just yet! :)
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