-Horde- Shadowsong EU - OTD looking for protection paladin

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-Horde- Shadowsong EU - OTD looking for protection paladin

Postby Cleai » Tue Oct 30, 2007 9:42 am

...to complete our forces with aim to destroy Kael'thas and move on to Mount Hyjal, to twist the faith of Archimonde, Black Temple to learn the Betrayer that even a demon-king can bleed.

Ordo Templi Draconis, is a raidingguild, on Shadowsong Europe. We are ruthless, angry, relentless, simply put, we are Horde.

Facts you need to know about us:

* Our progress is: SSC 6/6 and TK 3/4.
* We raid 6 times a week, 2000-0000 Servertime paris
* We require minimum raid attendance of 4 raids a week out of 6 possible
* We require that applicants are above the age of 18
* We require that our raiders, always are prepared with consumables and the right patience and knowledge for learning encounters
* We require our raiders to always have the best enchants and gems on their gear. Min/maxing is one of the things that kills bosses, yet another stat is still yet another stat that makes your char stronger.
* We require that our raiders have a good knowledge about their class and are not amazed by their performance on "DEEPEEZZZ meter" or "healingamigad meters", you are supposed to carry out _your_ role based on your class and at the same time work as a utility to give strength to a already strong link that OTD raiding is all about
* We require our raiders to pay attention and follow directions but at the same time, always, aaalways make sure to if they see fit comment with ideas they have that just might turn a flawed tactic to a perfect one.
* We require fullbloodraiders, this means that when you do signup, you will show up, this means that you dont say that you are a fullbloodraider if you have random reallife stuff coming up each and every minute, people in OTD live normal lives with work, relationships and still manage to raid, so make sure that you are a person who can plan ahead, we are not intrested in unstable performance and people going missing in action, truth be told, that is a waste of your and our valuable time
* We require you as applicant to have the type of gear that supports the raiding performance and dps/hps needed for SSC/TK.
* We require our raiders to at _least_ be able to listen on teamspeak, being social and talkative is a big plus.

What you gain when joining OTD:

* Our very own DKP system, simply called OTDKP. Some simplie modificated DKP system that doesnt allow for inflations of DKP, the system also gives a very reasonable and fair chance for new members to be able to bid on items, which we find good, there has to be a balance of being rewarded for how long you raided for but also how good. Our system allows new members to at the same time they work hard for their progress be able to gain upgrades faster than other systems.
* A strong home, with great discipline of raiding and people who have been around the raiding game for over 2,5 years, Cthun/early Naxx, been there, done that.
* Dedicated guidance from CL.
* The chance to have a proper raiding spot aimed for progress, the chance to be a part of a team that will grow even stronger through MH/BT together!
* A very very intresting mix of people, truth be told! We got them all, italians, dutch, germans, scotish kiltwearers, swedes, danes, russians scientists, hell even a beardruid from "gidday mate" Australia! Its a hard thing leaving TS after or before a raid to be honest, because of all trashtalking and joking around.
* A very analytical view on raiding, crunching numbers, to always improve, using many many forum discussions on our forums and also the benefits of WWS
* Last but not least, you are joining a group of seasoned raiders. Hungry for progress, reluctant to give in to wipes. Wipes in OTD makes us stronger, wipes in many other guilds kills them.

So, if you have read all the way to this, you have showed intrest. Now, you think:

"Oh my God, this is all so exciting ololol, where do I signup to wipe and kill????"

Well, first you need to make sure that you are one of the classes mentioned below, we have few spots for (all spots are raiding spots, would you pass the trial, no need to worry about sitting out of raids or being a substitue):

1 protection paladin: good reactions, excellent tanking gear, tier 5 levelgear perfered, tanking is your thing, you should be confident that you will always be prot specced and not experiment with holy or ret specs.

Are you one of the classes mentioned in above list? Did our requirements work out for you? Intrested in what you gain when joining us?

Than wait no longer, follow these steps:

1- Go to: http://www.eu-otd.net/register.php and register.

2- When registered on forums, go to: http://www.eu-otd.net/newthread.php?do=wow_form , remember that you dont need your account to be approved for this. Fill in the form _properly_ and remember that a good application is important, first impressions last.

Having done that await one of our officers to reply to your application. However, you are by all means, welcome to contact officers on our realm Shadowsong for any questions prior to your application. Dont hesitate.

You can contact any of following officers about recruitment, no matter their class:

GM Taurusos, Paladin Classleader Cleai, Other officers/classleaders: Xed, Medixx, Kassandra, Mightymage, Stellerex, Calhoun, Becas, Joortje, Mashadar, Aleia, Rark.

They will assist you happily and direct you with right information.

Thank you for having read this, we look forward to having skilled, intelligent players from other servers applying!

Sincerly, Cleai
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